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Chuck Pagano: LaRon Landry will not start on Sunday vs. Patriots

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Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said this morning that while safety LaRon Landry will play this Sunday against the Patriots, he will not start.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're just starting Patriots week here in Indianapolis, but already on Monday morning Chuck Pagano gave us a piece of news that is sure to make many Colts fans happy: LaRon Landry, though activated and though he will play, will NOT start on Sunday against the Patriots.

Pagano said that Sergio Brown has done some good things and has played well, and he will continue to start this Sunday against his former Patriots team - marking the sixth straight start for him.  It's Brown's play, plus Landry's conditioning status, that has led the Colts to make this decision.  The Colts weren't in any hurry to bring back LaRon Landry from his four-game suspension and instead kept him on the reserve list for an additional game before activating him the following day (when they were mandated to).  Many wanted the Colts to continue to start Sergio Brown at safety and that's exactly what the team will do.

Now, it's important to note that this isn't a permanent move or anything like that but rather a move made for this Sunday that the Colts will not start Landry.  It's fair to say that Sergio Brown won this starting spot, but I also think it's way too early to just assume he'll go on starting past this Sunday just because he is starting this week.  Firstly, we don't even know how much Landry will play - we know he will play, but how many snaps will he get?  That remains to be seen.  And how Sergio Brown and LaRon Landry play this Sunday will also be evaluated, I'm sure.  So I'd hold off in thinking this move will automatically last all year, but also keep in mind that the way the Colts started the center shake up was by going game-by-game for a while before Jonotthan Harrison ended up as the permanent starter.  Hopefully, Sergio Brown will play well enough to do the same, and it's not like he doesn't have experience.  He started the past five games, as I mentioned, and did a very solid job.  And we can now say that he won the starting spot from Landry, at least for one game.

Ask anybody - coaches, players, etc. - about Sergio Brown and one of the first things they'll tell you is about how much energy he brings to the team and how that's a welcome addition.

"He's bringing an energy to the defense, and to the back end more importantly, that's pretty new to us," safeties coach Roy Anderson said regarding Brown before the team left on the bye week. "He's just out there having fun and everybody's feeding off his energy. He's bringing a lot of excitement back there and you can see the special teams side of him to where he's going down there, being aggressive, scooping up balls, making big hits, and that's something everybody else is feeding off of."

For at least this Sunday's game against the Patriots, Sergio Brown has done enough to hold onto his starting spot, as Chuck Pagano announced today that LaRon Landry won't be starting - though Landry will be playing, however.