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Sergio Brown: "I'm Ready to Go"

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While Sergio Brown has started the past five games for the Colts at safety, this Sunday will be the first one he will start with LaRon Landry also active. Brown is looking to continue to seize the opportunity, and he says that he's "ready to go."

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Sergio Brown has started the past five games at safety for the Indianapolis Colts and this Sunday will make start number six in a row alongside Mike Adams.  In a way, however, this weekend's game against the Patriots is a milestone for Brown, because it marks the first time he'll start while LaRon Landry is also active.

Chuck Pagano announced on Monday that Brown would continue to start, though Landry will also play.  Pagano said that the decision was both due to Browns' play during Landry's suspension and the fact that Landry isn't back all the way yet in terms of conditioning.  The Colts will likely take it week-by-week, but at least for this week Sergio Brown remains the starter.

"I'm ready to go," Brown said. "Out there playing the last five games, I have confidence in myself to play. I have confidence to go out there and play on special teams as well. If I'm out there on the field, I feel like I can help the team out tremendously."

Brown also mentioned how it was a great opportunity for him to be able to step into the starting role during Landry's four-game suspension.  "I want to go out there and put out a product and set up the team and do what I can to help the team," Brown said.  "I want to be out there as much as I can, so this was definitely an opportunity to go out there and show that I can play with all the guys."

He doesn't know what the plan is regarding how much Landry will play, but all Brown is doing is just trying to take advantage of the opportunities he does get.  "Of course, I want to be out there every snap I can," Brown acknowledged.  "Coach and everybody in the organization, they're going to put together the product to put on the field. But I just want to prove to them that I can be one of those guys."

So far this season, Brown has proven himself to be one of those guys and would be a part of the best possible starting lineup the Colts could put out there.  Landry just hasn't played well this season (in the four games he started) while Sergio Brown has done a good job, has been more consistent than Landry, and also brings a lot of passion and energy to the defense, which is something that his coaches and teammates have definitely noticed.

Does this move say more about what the Colts think about Sergio Brown's play or what they think of LaRon Landry's ability to step into a starting role right away?  That remains to be determined, and there's a lot still up in the air about who the long-term starter will be.  But Brown will be starting this Sunday versus his former Patriots team, and he's definitely deserved it.