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Colts Tight End Dwayne Allen Injured in First Half vs. Patriots

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Colts tight end Dwayne Allen, a huge factor in the Colts' offense, was injured in the first half against the Patriots. He has an ankle injury and has been ruled out for the game.

Joe Robbins

The Indianapolis Colts are losing 14-10 to the New England Patriots at halftime, but we're also monitoring another very significant loss for the Colts: tight end Dwayne Allen.  Allen, a huge factor in the Colts' offense, was injured in the first half.  He was announced to have a right ankle injury and was originally ruled questionable but has since been downgraded to OUT for the rest of the game.  Shortly before half he was carted from the sidelines to the locker room (which isn't a great sign).

Allen was injured when he was rolled up on in the first half.  He got up very slowly and then missed several plays as he attempted to walk it off on the sideline.  The trainers were looking at him and continued to do so as the tight end continued to try to just walk the injury off.  Then, as already noted, they carted Allen to the locker room shortly before halftime.  He has been ruled out for the game.

Allen has caught 26 passes for 374 yards and 7 touchdowns this year for the Colts and his impact has gone far, far beyond that.  He's an impact blocker, a reliable pass catcher, and a leader.  If the Colts have to play without him (which they will for the remainder of this game at least), it'll be a huge loss.  We obviously don't know the extent of the injury yet, but it's a very significant one for the Colts and one that could come into play as the league's number one offense tries to battle back from a four-point halftime defect.

More information will be conveyed when available.