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Conflicting Reports Emerge Regarding Dwayne Allen's Ankle Injury

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Colts tight end Dwayne Allen has an ankle injury that is believed to be a sprain. That's what we know. But we have conflicting reports as to the severity of that ankle injury.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning we mentioned the reports that Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw suffered a broken ankle, and those reports seem true.  Another significant Colt also has an ankle injury, but there's much less consensus on the severity.  What we know is that Allen has an ankle injury that is believed to be a sprain.  But there are conflicting reports from two of the best in the business in ESPN's Adam Schefter and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport:

So what to believe?  I'm not sure, and we'll likely have to wait for additional information or reports.  Obviously, the hope is that it's just a low ankle sprain.  Either way, he'll likely miss a bit of time but a low ankle sprain would be better than a high ankle sprain, which can take several weeks to recover from.

Allen was injured last night when his ankle was rolled up on.  He tried to walk it off on the sidelines but was then carted to the locker room, and after the game he was seen with a boot on his foot/ankle.  His impact to the Colts' offense can't be overlooked.

With both Ahmad Bradshaw and Dwayne Allen suffering injuries, perhaps their two most versatile players offensively are both undergoing MRIs today.  We already mentioned how Bradshaw is believed to have broken his ankle, and we're awaiting more on what is believed to be a sprain for Allen - we're just not sure how severe.

[UPDATE:] Dwayne Allen this afternoon confirmed that he has a minor ankle sprain and is "day-to-day." In fact, Allen hopes to play this Sunday against the Jaguars - though him hoping to do that and him actually doing so are two different things.  You can read our full story on the news here.