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Colts Expect Arthur Jones Back this Week

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On the heels of that terrible defensive performance last weekend, the Colts expect to get defensive lineman Arthur Jones back this week.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The largest contract that Colts general manager Ryan Grigson handed out this offseason was to cornerback Vontae Davis, who has more than lived up to it and has been the defense's best player this season.  The second largest contract Grigson handed out was to defensive lineman Arthur Jones, who has played in just three games this season, missing extensive time with an ankle injury.  The Colts expect Jones to return to the field this weekend, however - and it comes when the Colts defense is fresh off of a complete domination at the hands of the Patriots.

Jones was brought in to be a run stopper and to shore up the weak run defense the Colts had a year ago, but he really hasn't gotten much of a chance to do that.  He played in the first two games but was injured in the second game against the Eagles, suffering a high ankle sprain.  He then missed the next five games before returning in the team's game against the Steelers.  In that game, however, he re-injured the ankle and has missed the last two games (with a bye week in-between).  This weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars he is expected to return again.

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said on Wednesday that, "certainly nobody anticipated the ankle and the injury, and those type of things. You don't wish it on anybody and it is frustrating for everybody in this building, but he's back out there. He has to go play and he has to go play well."

He hasn't played that great in the limited snaps he has seen this year, but with the injuries and his limited reps as a result it's really too early to say anything about that other than that he just needs to get healthy and get back out on the field.

He's best as a run defender, and the Colts' run defense was just gashed a week ago, so his return will certainly be welcomed by the Colts and their fans.