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2014 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 12

Hitting at 55% ATS this season, see what the Winning Stats has predicted for Week 12.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Winning Stats Predictor had a nice bounce-back week last week, going 8-6 (which included getting both primetime games right), giving us our 8th winning week of the season (only two losing ones). Overall we sit at 89-71-1, or 55.6%. Still hanging tough in there, even once Vegas gets a good handle on teams. It was also one of those rare weeks where it had a better record Against the Spread than it did picking Winners, going just 7-7, running its season record to 101-59-1, or 63%. Would like that to be higher, around 66%. Gotta keep improving.

This week has already seen the Chiefs streak of ten consecutive Against the Spread wins come to an end (which means I finally lost a bet on them), and Thursday nights have just been bad for the Predictor, going just 3-9. Will definitely have to look to see if something is happening on short weeks.

Here are your picks for Week 12:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Raiders 19 Chiefs 28 71.6%
Colts 28 Jaguars 21 67.9%
Bears 25 Buccaneers 23 56.8%
Vikings 15 Packers 28 82.6%
Patriots 31 Lions 24 68.6%
Falcons 22 Browns 26 61.4%
Bills 26 Jets 19 67.2%
Eagles 27 Titans 24 58.1%
Texans 26 Bengals 19 66.7%
Seahawks 23 Cardinals 26 60.0%
Chargers 25 Rams 24 53.8%
49ers 27 Redskins 16 77.6%
Broncos 17 Dolphins 20 56.2%
Giants 23 Cowboys 27 61.9%
Saints 30 Ravens 28 53.9%

SuperContest was a nice 4-1 last week, only missing the Broncos (couldn't decide between them and 49ers, and picked wrong). Season total now 32-23. Already missed the Chiefs this week, so here's the other 4:

  • Browns +3 at Falcons
  • Titans +11 at Eagles
  • Cardinals +6.5 at Seahawks
  • Dolphins +7 at Broncos

Survivor Pick: Took a tough loss last week with the Saints getting pounded at home by the Bengals, losing their second in a row at home. This week I'm taking my first road team, the Packers, who are playing in Minnesota against the Vikings.

USED: Jets, 49ers, Colts, Steelers, Chargers, Titans, Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, Cardinals, Saints