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Who's Impact Goes Beyond Just Stats for the Colts?

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This week's question from Marshall Faulk deals with a player who brings a veteran presence and who's impact can't be measured by a stat sheet.

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Marshall Faulk's question for us this week regards who provides a veteran presence that doesn't really show up on the stat sheet.  In other words, here's the way I'd put it: which player's impact on the team really can't be measured by the numbers.

Of course, we could say Andrew Luck, because despite the "Star Wars" numbers that he's putting up, they don't come close to telling just how important he is to the team.  But I think that, if we're going to write this article, I should use it to talk about someone else.  When I think of a player doing work that doesn't show up on the stat sheet, I usually think of the guys in the trenches.  So I'll say a guy like Cory Redding is someone who provides a veteran presence that doesn't really show up on the stat sheet.

Redding has played in all 11 games this season for the Colts and has recorded 23 tackles and 3 sacks, but as we know defensive linemen can't truly be measured in stats, especially in a 3-4 defense.  Redding's impact on the defense goes far beyond just his 23 tackles and his 3 sacks - rather he's a huge part of what the Colts are doing all around.  He's the best player along the defensive line for the Colts and he helps them be able to do other things with the linebackers and cornerbacks because of how he plays.  He truly does provide a veteran presence, as he's the 34-year old in his 12th NFL season, and he has really taken on a leadership role since coming to Indianapolis in 2012.  He's a player that everyone knows but few truly recognize his impact.  To me, Redding is definitely a veteran presence who's impact can't be measured simply by looking at the stat sheet.

What about you?  Who would you say is someone who's impact can't be measured by just the stats?

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