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Happy Thanksgiving, Colts Fans!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Colts fans! Here are some things you can be thankful for from a football perspective.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Stampede Blue!  We hope that your day is filled with family and friends, great food, and then maybe some football as well.  There are plenty of things to be thankful for that are more meaningful than football, but in the spirit of the holiday we've compiled a list of things that Colts fans can be thankful for.

  • Andrew Luck instead of Robert Griffin III. The Colts take on the Redskins this weekend, and of course that means Andrew Luck vs. RGIII, right?  Wrong.  The Redskins have benched Griffin in favor of Colt McCoy, and it's just another illustration of how right the Colts were.  If you remember, there was actually a debate between the two quarterbacks, but there wasn't really a question of which quarterback the Colts should take first overall in the draft.  They took Luck and the Redskins made a massive trade to move up and get Griffin second overall.  During their rookie season, the debate raged over which quarterback was better (it was Luck), but those debates don't exist anymore.  Luck is on pace to throw for over 5,000 yards and 42 touchdowns this season, he's emerged as one of the league's best signal callers, and the Colts are having a successful season - the exact opposite of Griffin and the Redskins.  This situation much more closely resembles the Peyton Manning vs. Ryan Leaf debate at this point, as one quarterback has exceeded the hype (Luck) and the other was just benched (Griffin).  Speaking of which...
  • Peyton Manning instead of Ryan Leaf. Because you can never be too thankful that the Colts got that one right too.
  • That the Colts are 7-4. Because they could be the Jaguars.  Or Raiders.
  • That the Colts are about to make the playoffs for the 14th time in the last 16 seasons. Seriously, let that sink in - 14 playoff appearances in 16 seasons.  That's incredible, and for as much criticizing of the team that we do, the run of success is simply amazing.
  • The wide receiver position. There are three players in Colts history to record multiple 1,000+ yard receiving seasons, and they've all played rather recently.  Marvin Harrison did it eight times, Reggie Wayne has done it eight times, and now T.Y. Hilton has notched his second 1,000 yard season.  We talk a lot about the quarterback transition, but let's not ignore the wide receiver transition either - from Harrison to Wayne to Hilton, the Colts have had some great receiving talent recently.
Those are just a few of the many things that Colts fans have to be thankful for as they reflect this Thanksgiving.  What are you thankful from a football perspective about being a Colts fan?