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Indianapolis Colts Week 13 Fantasy Football Preview

Here's your Indianapolis Colts week thirteen fantasy football preview.

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This post comes from Justin Becker of You can follow him on Twitter @NBAandNFLInfo or on the Fantasy Football Overdose Google+ Page, and for more NFL Fantasy Projections visit Fantasy Football Overdose

The Indianapolis Colts were supposed to destroy the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 12. After all, this unstoppable Colts offense slapped them around in a blowout win several weeks ago, so the natural assumption was they would do the same with meeting number two coming in Indy’s home stadium.

It didn’t go quite as planned, but the Colts still got the win and anyone using Colts options in fantasy football still could have found some success. Despite pedestrian numbers, Andrew Luck still performed fairly well, while Trent Richardson and T.Y. Hilton both scored.

Overall, it wasn’t the elite production everyone thought they’d be getting, but a Colts team that has been atop the league all year offensively deserves an off week every now and then.

That’s precisely why fantasy owners should once again expect Luck and co. to put up beastly numbers in week 13, when the Colts get a shaky Washington Redskins defense. Let’s break the matchup down and see what to expect from Indy’s fantasy options this week:

Paging Major Luck

This is ground control and the skies are clear for Andrew Luck to go nuts. Last week was just the second time all year that fantasy’s most prolific passer failed to top 300 passing yards, so there’s plenty of reason to expect him to go out and crush it in week 13.

On top of his stellar season stats, his solid supporting cast and his own talent, Luck also has a matchup to die for. Not only are the Redskins giving up the third most points to fantasy quarterbacks in 2014, but they’re also the ninth worst in points allowed to wide receivers, as well. Needless to say, the paper tells us Luck could be in for a huge day, while you can confidently roll out T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne, as well.

Tight end might be a slightly different story, as the ‘Skins have fared a little better against the position, while only four teams are giving up more than 10 fantasy points to that spot on the year. You can still feel good about Dwayne Allen (if he’s a full go) or Coby Fleener (if Allen sits).

No to Colts Running Backs

Trent Richardson scored last week, but he wasn’t 100% and he still shared the load with Dan Herron. None of that is any good when you add in the fact that the Redskins run defense is one of the nastiest in the entire league. Specifically for fantasy purposes, this is a unit that is giving up the third fewest fantasy points to running backs on the season. You already couldn’t trust T-Rich or Herron, but this matchup makes them sure fire sit candidates in week 13.

RG3 Is Good For Indy

That awesome Andrew Luck versus Robert Griffin III clash isn’t going to be so awesome. In fact, with RG3 being benched in favor of Colt McCoy, it won’t be happening at all. The Redskins already run a pretty shaky show on offense, but throw the pedestrian McCoy into the mix, and Indy might have a matchup worth targeting in week 13.

The only real thing preventing you from starting the Colts team defense with confidence is Alfred Morris, who could mash up a unit that is giving up the seventh most fantasy points to running backs. Overall, Indy still looks like a strong play with the switch at quarterback and the Redskins struggling to put up points, in general.