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Colts Inactives vs. Giants

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Here are the Colts' inactives for the Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants.

Joe Robbins

The Indianapolis Colts take on the New York Giants tonight on Monday Night Football, but who won't be playing?  Here are the seven inactives for the Colts:

CB Jalil Brown

LB Josh McNary

OL Khaled Holmes

OL Jamon Meredith

DL Kelcy Quarles

OLB Erik Walden

DL Arthur Jones

A few notes:

  • There really aren't any surprises on this list.  We knew on Saturday that Josh McNary (ankle), Erik Walden (quad), and Arthur Jones (ankle) would be out.  McNary is a backup linebacker and the team has played without Jones for five games this year - in which Ricky Jean Francois has played very well.  Among the three injured inactives, the Colts will definitely miss Walden the most.  Tonight, Andy Studebaker starts in place of Walden at outside linebacker opposite of Bjoern Werner.  Stude is a good player, so hopefully he'll step in and play well tonight in place of Walden.
  • Another week, another inactive list that Khaled Holmes is one.  And another week where I'm not surprised at all about it.
  • Like Holmes, the other healthy inactives have all appeared on the list before.  No surprises.
  • Note that Reggie Wayne and Vontae Davis are indeed active, as we knew would happen.
  • Another note: LaRon Landry will not play tonight.  He's not on the inactive list, but that's because the Colts haven't activated him to the 53-man roster yet following his suspension.  That activation (and a corresponding roster move) will come tomorrow.