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Power Rankings Tuesday: Colts Ranked Sixth, on Average

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Taking a look at where others in the media rank the Colts in this week's power rankings.

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We all knew the Colts would be fine, and they got back on the winning track by defeating the New York Giants 40-24 on Monday night.  As such, people have taken notice of the Colts and their overall body of work.  We take our weekly look at the power rankings and it's an encouraging one for the Colts:

ESPN has the Colts in the top five at number five, up four spots from a week ago:

The Giants blitzed Andrew Luck on 29 dropbacks Monday night, most by a Giants defense since 2006. It didn't work. Luck was 25-for-46 for 354 yards and four touchdowns in the blowout.'s Elliot Harrison moved the Colts up two spots to number six:

Andrew Luck has gone from being '90s Mark Jackson to John Stockton, the great distributor. Monday night was no different, as Luck connected with four different teammates for touchdowns while posting his fifth straight road game with 350-plus yards.

CBS's Pat Kirwan ranks the Colts seventh, up from tenth a week ago:

Colts (10): The Steelers loss two weeks ago hurt this team, but the 40-point performance on the road against the Giants has them climbing right back to the top seven. Andrew Luck looks like he can throw for 300-plus against any team.

Bleacher Report's Matt Miller moved the Colts up two spots to number six:

With their 51-34 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers firmly in the rearview mirror, the Colts look like one of the NFL's elite teams again.

Shutdown Corner's Frank Schwab ranked the Colts fifth, up one spot from last week's rankings:

5. Indianapolis Colts (6-3, LW: 6)
Seriously, there were a few readers this offseason who tried to convince me Andrew Luck was overrated.

FOX Sports moved the Colts up two spots to number six this week:

The Colts turned it on in the second half with their trademark big plays in the passing game. After a bump in the road against a hot Steelers team, the Colts are back on track.

The Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King ranks the Colts sixth:

6. Indianapolis (5-3). America, get to know T.Y. Hilton. What Harrison and Wayne were to Peyton Manning, Hilton will be to Andrew Luck.

SB Nation's Danny Kelly has the Colts ranked eighth, up from fifteenth last week.  Bleeding Green Nation's Brandon Lee Gowton ranks the Colts sixth, up one spot from a week ago:

6) Indianapolis Colts (LW: 7) - Andrew Luck and the Colts bounced back in a big way after really struggling in Pittsburgh last week.

Colts in the Power Rankings
Rank Change
ESPN 5 + 4 6 +2
CBS Sports 7 + 3
Bleacher Report 6 + 2
Shutdown Corner 5 + 1
FOX Sports 6 + 2
MMQB 6 0
SB Nation 8 + 7
Bleeding Green Nation 6 + 1

As you can tell, the Colts are doing very well in the power rankings this week, being ranked an average of sixth in the league in the rankings we looked at and even cracking the top five in a couple of them.  It's very good to see many in the media not overreacting to one loss, which can be evidenced by the fact that the Colts didn't really have much change in most of the rankings.  That's normally an indication of a strong power ranking by this point in the year, because one win or one loss should never outweigh a half season of games.  It's a slow climb but it's one that the Colts are making, and after starting the season 0-2 the Colts are ranked as one of the NFL's best teams.  The average ranking of six is very fair and likely very accurate, and a win in two weeks against the Patriots would surely launch the Colts into the top five in every ranking.