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Colts Enjoying Time off During Bye Week

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The Colts are on their bye week, and it's well-deserved time off for the players and coaches.

Joe Robbins

The Colts are on a bye this week, so they're currently taking a well-deserved break from their normal, grueling schedule that comes with football season in the National Football League.  The players and the coaches have several days off before getting back to work preparing for the game against the Patriots.  Several Colts talked on Tuesday about the bye week, so let's take a look at what they said.

Head coach Chuck Pagano talked about coming off of a win to enter the bye week and how much of a difference that makes (as compared to a loss entering the bye):

"Night and day. Night and day. It takes the sting off of getting home at 5 a.m. and then having to come back in here and face the press, do all the things that you have to do and talk to the team. We had a bunch of stuff going on. Then guys getting out of here. 6-3 is a heck of a lot better than 5-4. It's night and day. Then to be able to get away and actually enjoy some time off coming off a win. Coming off a loss everybody probably cancels any plans that they had to do anything. It upsets everybody at home, wives and kids, whoever. Everything that they had planned gets canceled."

T.Y. Hilton also mentioned what it's like entering a bye on a positive note:

"Any time you go into the bye with a win, it means a lot. You get your guys back healthy, get rested up and we should be alright."

Ricky Jean Francois mentioned how the bye week this year comes at a very good time:

"It's perfect. It gives us time for a second to get away from football, but not really get away from it. More time in the training room, more time in film study, more time breaking things down with coaches, asking coaches what we can get better at with our positions. This came at a perfect time for everybody."

Andrew Luck, in typical Andrew Luck fashion, has a plan for his bye week and he knows that includes taking some time away - while still realizing he's in the middle of the season:

"You certainly have a plan on how to approach the bye week. I think you do have to get away. Not to say you go sit on a couch and watch a bunch of college football and NFL games. But there is a reason it's a bye and that's to rest and rejuvenate. But at the same time, I don't think you can let your mind wander too far off realizing you've got the New England Patriots coming into town a couple weeks from now."

Cory Redding, the 33-year old defensive end, joked around but also emphasized the importance of the bye week:

"Well-deserved time off. I didn't think this week would ever get here. I thought we were going to play all 16 games with no rest, but here it is, we're 6-3 and that's all that matters... I'm definitely going to take full advantage of all the active rest I can. You never want to just sit down on your butt the whole time. You want to get up, move around and do something. I'm going to definitely take advantage of it."

Bjoern Werner came back to the point about a bye week following a win being much better than a bye week following a loss:

"It makes it way more fun. It's a lot more fun going into the bye week with a win. It's going to be a great matchup with the Patriots. They go into the bye week with a great win too. It will be exciting. Both teams have two weeks to prepare for each other and it's going to be a great showdown on Sunday Night Football."

The Colts certainly deserve a week off, and through the first nine games of the season they hold a 6-3 record, a two and a half game lead in the AFC South, and boast the NFL's best offense in terms of both yards per game and points per game.  Their bye week comes late this year, in one of the later weeks for a bye, but it gives the Colts a chance to rest in advance of a big game in Indianapolis against the Patriots.  With Andrew Luck at quarterback the Colts are 2-0 following their bye week, and both games have been memorable ones.  In 2012 it was the 18-point second half comeback that saw the Colts win on an Andrew Luck touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne in the final minute against the Green Bay Packers in the ChuckStrong game.  In 2013 the Colts again launched an 18-point second half comeback to beat the Houston Texans on an Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton touchdown pass with 4:05 left in the game.  With the Patriots coming to town for a Sunday Night Football this year following the bye, there's plenty of reason to think this could be another memorable game.  Hopefully this time, however, it won't take an 18-point comeback to make it so.