PowerObservations: Colts vs ------

Can't go broke, takin' a profit.

  • Oddly enough, I can't remember much about last week's game. Oh, I remember what the Colts did, certainly. I remember 40 points, not so good pass protection, satisfactory defense, Reggie being patriotic, and T.Y. being awesome, but I can't remember anything about the other team. I don't even remember what team we played, or where. It's like our opponents completely failed to make an impact on the game, as well as on the people watching it. And frankly, it was a pretty forgettable 3-4 hour stretch of television. The first half was poorly played by both parties, and the second half was a blowout punctuated by an entire quarter of garbage time. And the Colts scored 40 points. Yawn. Oh well. Good game, Mystery Scrubs. I'm sure you'll bounce back against some inferior team, like the Buccaneers.
  • Yes, Luck had great stats, no, he didn't play very well, and yes, it's impressive that he can not play very well and still put up 40 points. Luck has a reputation for being able to make great throws under pressure, and he made some last night--though not all of them were caught *COUGH* fleener *COUGH*--however, he, like every QB in the league, isn't as accurate, or intelligent, when under pressure, and he was under pressure last night. I'll take what I can get, just like you will with a minimal-effort PowerObservations fanpost after a boring game.
  • One of the many things I love about this offense is that it distributes the ball evenly among its playmakers.

Rec Yds YPC TDs Long Targets

C. Fleener 4 77 19.3 1 32 11
T. Hilton 3 71 23.7 1 31 6
R. Wayne 4 70 17.5 1 40 10
D. Allen 4 48 12.0 1 35 5
H. Nicks 3 44 14.7 0 22 4
A. Bradshaw 3 29 9.7 0 22 5

Wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, Hakeem Nicks-s, it doesn't matter who you are, you'll get the ball and you'll get it often, unless, of course, you happen to be a freak athlete coming off a tremendous game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which case

D. Moncrief 1 2 2.0 0 2


you're shit out of luck.

  • The worst decision Luck made tonight was to loft the ball to T.Y. while he was being covered by a 6'2 defensive back, because as we all know T.Y. is 5'9 and totally incapable of making contested catches against larger players oh wait

nfl_u_tyhilton_cmg_200.0.jpg med_gallery_7565_132_2215041.0.jpg


T.Y. may be equal parts teeny and tiny, but that has never stopped him from winning battles. The guy plays like he's 6'4, which is why his quarterback trusts him so much and why he's emerging as one of the league's elite receivers.

  • I've been told that my expectations for Fleener are "unrealistic," meaning that in expecting our 6'6, 2nd round tight end to be even an average player, I am asking too much. Fleener is not average, guys, he really isn't. The standard for tight ends in this league right now is very high, and from my perspective, Fleener's play falls below the mean. Many think that having a subpar second string tight end isn't a big deal, but this is an offense that heavily emphasizes that position group. Fleener has 45 targets this year, giving him more than Allen(!!!), Nicks, and Bradshaw. Only T.Y. and Reggie are given more opportunities in the passing game, yet Fleener has caught fewer than half of the passes thrown his way. Upgrading the #2 TE would make this passing offense even more complete and consistent.
  • When I went back to look at the tape, I was expecting to see a generally poor performance from the o-line. It certainly wasn't a good performance, but it wasn't as bad as I first thought either. Castonzo played well. Mewhort looked decent, though not as decent as he looked before he got hurt. Harrison was "meh" but I'm still glad we're starting him. Once he and Mewhort get more experience and learn to work together a bit better, they're going to knock some fools around. AND CHERILUS ......................What? Cherilus actually played fairly well. Well, there goes 90% of my jokes. He rose from the dead like Lazarus. Please please please don't suck against the Pats.
  • Wow. So it looks like all the starting linemen played at least decently. This must mean that Luck was well protected. Oh, that's right, WE WEREN'T USING ALL OF OUR STARTING LINEMEN BECAUSE HUGH THORNTON GOT A TARDY SLIP. And obviously, we couldn't start Joe Reitz, because that would make the Colts blogosphere happy, which can never be allowed to happen. So, unfortunately, we were left with, well, Lance Louis. You know my opinion on T.Y.'s new nickname. I don't find "the Ghost" particularly creative or appropriate, but for Lance Louis it would work perfectly, because Giants defenders were phasing through him all goddamned night. It seemed like he was single-handedly responsible for half of Luck's hits. Luck was under pressure on Monday mostly because of unblocked rushers (expect that problem to reduce as Harrison gains more experience with protection calls), not because the other linemen were consistently getting beat, with the exception of Louis, who was getting beat on every other play. Bring back Thornton! Or Reitz! I really don't care just get this phantasmic blocker away from my QB.
  • Odell Beckham is going to be an extremely good NFL wide receive, along with a dozen other guys from that draft class. I don't remember what team we played, but I remember that he was on it.

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