PowerOhWowWeWon: Colts vs Browns. Featuring an exclusive interview with Johnny Football!

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I think that many fans and journalists were expecting the Colts to just walk all over the Browns. I can’t really blame them for that. The Browns stink so bad they literally had to build a city between Cleveland and Indianapolis to absorb the stench, which is why Cleveland stinks and Columbus sucks. That’s just geography, folks.

Still, it turns out that when your two best players are a quarterback and a wide receiver, playing against a top five pass defense can make things a bit tricky. It also didn’t help that Luck and Hilton didn't have particularly good games. They both made good plays because they are both good players, but they made plenty of mistakes too. Andrew threw too many inaccurate passes, and T.Y. dropped some of the accurate ones. They both left touchdowns on the field, made mental mistakes, and turned the ball over. And then we won, because we’re the Indianapolis Colts and they’re the Cleveland Browns. I don’t know what the city of Cleveland did to piss off the football gods, but I hope I never get caught doing it.

Boom and Trent both had some painfully bad moments in pass protection, but each actually ran the ball pretty well. Boom, who had what would have been a huge gain wiped out by a false start penalty, is still clearly the superior player. I was thrilled to see the coaches give him the ball in short yardage situations, and Herron vindicated that decision with his excellent fourth down conversion. Hopefully we'll continue to see more of Dan and less of Trent.

Werner needs to do a better job getting off his blocks.

Scratch that, the entire team needs to do a better job getting off blocks.

I thought that Jackson and Freeman played decently. Unfortunately, neither of them are difference makers, which is what this defense really needs. Vontae is the only real standout, and everyone else is either below average or solid. Contrary to what you might think, one great player and a bunch of mediocre players does not equal a solid defense. You need playmakers. Just because a guy is "decent" or "not that bad" doesn't mean we shouldn't look to upgrade that position.

The offensive line looked better once Shipley entered the game to replace Harrison, but I don't think that A.Q. was the cause. The passing game takes a lot of flak for slow starts, but I think a lot of that has to do with the offensive line, which seems to always play better in the second half. I do want to see more of Shipley and Holmes (don't have much choice at this point), but I don't expect either of them to set the world on fire.

Erik Walden is still our best pass rusher and it isn’t that close. I find this extremely depressing.

I love Newsome, but I don't think he's ready for more snaps. He flashes occasionally, which is what you want to see from a rookie (and it's more than I can say for Werner) but I don't think that he would benefit from being given a larger role at this point in his career.

I was shocked when Luck was flagged for a delay of game. With Colin Kaepernick, I’m shocked if I don’t see one.

Hakeem Nicks’ route running dropped two passes.

While watching Reggie Wayne play, I heard a pipe organ in my head. The kind they play at funerals.

Josh mentioned a few times that the Browns took Joe Haden off of T.Y. in the second half, which allowed him to explode. This is not entirely true. Hilton did make a few plays against Skrine, but his best plays, including the long touchdown, came against Haden. He's a top-tier receiver capable of beating top-tier corners.

We also had the worst 2 point conversion play ever. Other than a fate route, I mean.

The picking on/praising of Josh Gordy has become a weekly thing on this site. I'd like to point out that it isn't very easy to accurately judge a CB's play based on the televised angles, which rarely show what occurs downfield. Don't judge his entire game solely on the plays the camera decides to zoom in on. That said, he's obviously a limited player.

We have two running backs. One can run, catch, and not pass protect. The other can’t run, sometimes catches, and can’t pass protect. We are starting the latter one because of his pass protection ability. I find it hilarious that although Richardson is the "starter," the coaches give Boom more carries anyways. The denial in this organization is comedic.

People who watched tape of Moncrief in college may remember a certain play where he caught a deep sideline pass, fell down, got back up and kept running, despite the fact that according to college rules, you're down if your knee hits the turf. Clearly, Moncrief just had an NFL mindset.

Fleener is the third best WR on this team. Splitting him out wide is a smart move.

During his game-winning touchdown catch, T.Y. Hilton lost his shoe. T.Y. Hilton's dumb nickname is "The Ghost." Shoeless Joe Jackson was a ghost in the movie "Field of Dreams." I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the NFL is rigged.

The Colts rushing three is basically a free first down for the opposing offense, even against Brian "DPOTY" Hoyer.

I honestly think that if Manziel had been starting for the Browns, we would have lost. He may not be a great or even competent quarterback, but his running ability alone could have made the difference. Besides, he seems to think that he is also a more accurate passer than Hoyer. After an errant deep ball to Josh Gordon, the camera caught Manziel saying this:



Hey Johnny, if you had been there when Hitler rose to power, what would you have done?


Hey Johnny, what would you have done if Teddy Bridgewater had been drafted ahead of you?


Tim Tebow invites you over for Thanksgiving. Do you A) accept, B) graciously decline, or C) fucking hit 'em?


Hey Johnny, what would you have done in this situation? saints-fan-elbows-bengals-fan-while-catching-a-ball.0.gif


Thanks for the great interview, Johnny!


That's the man I'm gonna marry.

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