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Colts vs. Texans: Second Half Open Thread

Here's your open thread for the second half of the game between the Colts and the Texans.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's halftime in Indianapolis, and the Colts hold a 14-7 lead over the Houston Texans.  After yet another slow start offensively, the Colts got things going and two touchdown passes from Andrew Luck gave the Colts a lead.

The Texans' lone score of the day came on a pick-six of Luck, and the game has resembled last week's game in many ways.  The Texans offense hasn't done much at all, the Colts offense started slow and gave up a defensive score, but Luck has gotten things going - this week earlier than a week ago.

For the Texans, starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was injured and is out for the game.  Rookie Tom Savage really hasn't done much.  The Colts' defense has also done a good job against Arian Foster, who outside of a 14-yard run to open the game hasn't done much.  J.J. Watt, though, has helped keep Houston in the game.

Luck has thrown two touchdown passes, one to Hakeem Nicks and another to Dwayne Allen, and Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton have both helped things get going offensively for the Colts.

If the Colts keep this up, they've got 30 more minutes of football until they're AFC South champions.  Here's your open thread for the second half.