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Colts CB Vontae Davis Makes PFF Pro Bowl Team

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis was one of four Colts players named to Pro Football Focus' Pro Bowl team, alongside Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, and Pat McAfee.

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The fan voting for the actual Pro Bowl ended on Monday, and while nine Colts players finished in the top ten at their respective positions for the fan voting (which makes up one third of the vote for who makes it to the Pro Bowl), Vontae Davis wasn't one of them.  Seriously.  Arguably the league's best cornerback this season wasn't even among the top ten at his position in the fan voting for the Pro Bowl.  Hopefully the coaches and the players correct that mistake, but at least we know that Pro Football Focus has noticed.

PFF, who many turn to for player evaluations, has released their 2014 Pro Bowl team, and Vontae Davis was one of four Colts to make it.  Davis was named to PFF's Pro Bowl team as a starter at cornerback.

Starters: Chris Harris Jr. (DEN), Vontae Davis (IND), Darrelle Revis (NE) and Richard Sherman (SEA)
Reserves: Orlando Scandrick (DAL), Sean Smith (KC), Desmond Trufant (ATL) and Corey Graham (BUF)

Breakdown: One of the more controversial positions. Harris and Davis have had wonderful years, while Revis and Sherman have in different ways dominated against quality opposition. The more up-and-down nature of years by others left room for players in smaller markets (Graham) to make quite the impression and get backup duties.

The other Colts' player who was named a starter on PFF's Pro Bowl team was punter Pat McAfee.

Starters: Pat McAfee (IND) and Johnny Hekker (SL)

Breakdown: McAfee's consistent combination of hangtime, distance and location ensure he's been our top-ranked punter all the way, though Hekker is only marginally behind.

While those were the two Colts' who were named starters, two other notable Colts made the team as reserves.  Quarterback Andrew Luck and wide receiver T.Y. Hilton made PFF's Pro Bowl team as reserves at their respective positions.

If you ask me, these are the four Colts who are most deserving of a Pro Bowl spot this year, followed closely by Adam Vinatieri (who, unfortunately, wasn't on PFF's Pro Bowl team).  While Luck, Hilton, McAfee, and even Vinatieri saw some love from the fans in the actual voting, Vontae Davis did not.  All of them have a real shot to make the actual Pro Bowl, but Pro Football Focus has already put them on their team.  You can read their full teams on both the offensive side of the football and on the defensive side of the football.