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2014 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 16

Tough Week 15 for the Predictor. Time to bounce back in Week 16 with a bunch of home dogs.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

If you want some proof that betting on NFL games is hard, you need only look at the last two weeks for the Winning Stats Predictor. Week 14 was one of the best weeks in the past several seasons, then it's followed up by a 6-9-1 stinker of a week last week, where seemingly nothing fell the right way. For the season now the Predictor sits at 121-101-2, or 54.5%, which is still quite nice, and still on track to make money this year.

Picking winners last week was much better, going 11-5, which includes getting the Bills over the Packers correctly. For the season we're now 144-79-1, or 64.5%. A nice week for picking winners.

We have three home underdogs this week that look really nice, while there's another good mix of home and road teams. We hit the Thursday night game with the Jaguars covering the 3 points, so it's a good start for a Thursday (where we've been terrible all year). Here's the rest of Week 16:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Jaguars 21 Titans 18 59.4%
49ers 21 Chargers 22 53.4%
Redskins 19 Eagles 25 64.9%
Jets 17 Patriots 31 81.9%
Saints 29 Falcons 28 52.8%
Dolphins 22 Vikings 21 53.7%
Panthers 21 Browns 15 64.5%
Bears 20 Lions 27 68.6%
Texans 25 Ravens 24 51.6%
Steelers 27 Chiefs 28 51.0%
Buccaneers 21 Packers 29 71.6%
Rams 22 Giants 18 59.9%
Cowboys 24 Colts 27 56.5%
Raiders 14 Bills 20 64.4%
Cardinals 20 Seahawks 23 58.0%
Bengals 20 Broncos 24 61.5%

SuperContest also struggled, going 1-4, bringing our season total to 41-34. Need a nice bounce-back this week as well.

  • Redskins +7.5 vs. Eagles (hold your nose)
  • Chiefs +3 at Steelers
  • Buccaneers +10.5 vs. Packers (keep holding your nose)
  • Cardinals +8 vs. Seahawks
  • Broncos -3.5 at Bengals

Survivor Pick: Ravens didn't make it easy, but they came away winners. We haven't used one of the best teams in the NFL, the Patriots, and they just happen to be playing the hapless Jets this weekend. Easy win at the end of the season.

USED: Jets, 49ers, Colts, Steelers, Chargers, Titans, Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, Cardinals, Saints, Packers, Dolphins, Lions, Ravens