PowerObservations: Colts vs Washington

I told you I'd shoot! You didn't believe me! WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIVE ME??????......

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Regardless of how you feel about the name of the team from Washington, I hope you can appreciate how much it grates fans of the team from Washington to hear the team from Washington referred to as "the team from Washington." It's delightful. (If you don't find joy in the suffering of fans of the team from Washington, click here to change your mind.) Unfortunately, right now those fans are worried about more than just a name. As we saw last night, their team is garbage. Not even hot garbage, just garbage. But at least their woe translated into an extremely enjoyable evening for us.

  • One of my favorite things to do on Sundays is read the weekly ANDREW LUCK HOT TAKES produced by the internet. Let's look at one that from approximately two minutes into the game.
    • Folks, you could fry an egg on that take it's so hot. I especially like it because it came after only three Andrew Luck plays, the first of which was a strip sack by an unblocked rusher (by which I mean Cherilus was supposed to block him), the second of which was a good pass that drew a PI flag, and the third of which was a forced pass that was tipped and intercepted. But Collin McCollough is the deputy editor for Bleacher Report, which means he only needs three plays before he's ready to dish out a piping hot take, usually presented on an unnecessarily large number of slides.
    • Let's make a Choose Your Own Adventure story about Trent Richardson! Your studly quarterback hands you the football for some reason and your line opens up a hole. Do you A, run through the opening and pick up a big gain, or B, run into your lineman's butt?
    • 3918458.0.jpg
    • If you said "B," then you were correct! If you said "Choose Your Own Adventure Stories don't work this way," you should just shut up and enjoy the joke!
    • Now let's play the Daniel Herron Choose Your Own Adventure story. Your studly quarterback hands you the ball and your line opens up a hole. Do you A, score, or-- welp, you just scored.
    • Fleener caught a touchdown! He is amazing!
    • Fleener dropped a pass! Cut his worthless butt!
    • Fleener caught a long touchdown pass! He's turned the corner! #NextClark
    • Fleener dropped a long touchdown pass! He's soft! #WeWantSwoope
    • I can't deny that Coby has improved markedly since last year. His blocking, though still nothing to brag about, is usually acceptable. His hands have also been (generally) better. His biggest improvement is his physicality, which was one of his most damning deficiencies as a tight end. He is still frustratingly inconsistent, but there are only a handful of tight ends in the league that are capable of 70+ yard touchdown receptions. The potential is there, and he has shown enough improvement to convince me that he can be a consistently good tight end, if not now, then soon. I don't apologize for jumping off the Fleener bandwagon, nor do I feel ashamed while jumping back on.
    • Y'all need to lay off Josh Gordy just a little bit. He's a depth corner assigned to Desean Jackson, what were you expecting to happen? Gordy actually did a decent job in coverage, but got a little unlucky. Please chill.
    • I feel confident in saying that no NFL team has a faster WR duo than the Colts have in T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief, and only a few are on the same level. Add Fleener into the mix and the Colts have an intimidating group of speedsters. Reggie, meanwhile, can use his experience and hands to make plays against zone coverage in the short to intermediate game, where he is still a valuable asset.
    • Jonathan Newsome is still very raw, but he is the best pass rusher on this team according to both basic and advanced statistics, as well as the eye test. I can't wait to see what he can do after a full offseason with Mathis. I think Walden is still a better all around player at this point, as Newsome still lacks the technique to be a consistently good pass rusher. He is still very wild when chasing the quarterback, often flailing his arms unnecessarily and lurching after the quarterback, like a...2009_medium.0.gif yeah, like that.
    • Jordan Reed frequently reminded me that this is not a very good tackling team.
    • The pass rush looked generally poor. The six sacks resulted from good coverage, the occasional unblocked rusher, and some abysmal pocket presence on the part of Colt McCoy. Even when the Colts blitzed, McCoy had a fairly clean pocket. I shudder to think of what a real quarterback would have done.
    • I'm just going to say it; I think this defense is bad. Maybe not terrible but not average either. Cornerback play and the occasional flash from Redding/Kerr/Newsome are its only real redeeming qualities. Nearly every position group needs an injection of talent, and that won't happen until the offseason. When I watch film, I get bored with how mundanely mediocre the entire unit is. We know who most of these players are by this point, and only a few of them have enough production or potential to be enjoyable to watch. I actually find myself looking forward to seeing the offense--it's the exact opposite of watching Stanford play! I hope these guys prove me wrong. I hope I'm just overreacting. But right now I don't think this defense can be consistent enough against playoff caliber competition for us to make a run at the title.
    • Andrew Luck played a nearly perfect game after the early interception. He finished 19/27 for 370 at an absurd 13.7 yards per attempt. Of his eight incompletions, one was the interception on the forced pass to Wayne, one was an over throw to Fleener, two were dropped by Fleener, one was dropped by Moncrief (catch with your hands, buddy), and three were justifiably thrown away. That's only 2 inaccurate throws out of 27 attempts, and those were some pretty long ass attempts. The team from Washington has a terrible pass defense, but Luck's accuracy was as good as we've seen.
    • Josh Cribbs' athleticism isn't as sneaky as I would like it to be, but he gets the job done.
    • Despite the TERRIBLE start, the offensive line played a fairly solid game, and greatly contributed to Luck's ridiculous numbers. Even Cherilus looked ok after whiffing on the Luck strip-sack.
    • All is right in the world.

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