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Week 14 Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Team Preview

The Indianapolis Colts rebounded quite nicely in fantasy football in week 13. After an odd showing against a seemingly horrible Jacksonville Jaguars team at home in week 12, Andrew Luck and co. returned to elite status with a thrashing of the Washington Redskins.

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The Indianapolis Colts rebounded quite nicely in fantasy football in week 13. After an odd showing against a seemingly horrible Jacksonville Jaguars team at home in week 12, Andrew Luck and co. returned to elite status with a thrashing of the Washington Redskins.

Everything is right with the world again. Luck's five touchdown passes last week tell the story of an elite young quarterback in an offense that just begs for shots in the dark in fantasy football. One of those random hits was third receiver Donte Moncrief (two scores), while tight end Coby Fleener also had the game of his life.

This is what happens when you're the best offense in the entire league (arguably, at least). Let's see if week 14 will be so kind as we dissect Indy's matchup against the Cleveland Browns:

No Safe Haden

I'll never bet against Andrew Luck in real life or fantasy football, so no matter what this matchup says you need to keep using him. Unless you somehow also have Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, and if that's the case, you need to stop joining four-man leagues. With that said, the Browns have slowly built themselves back into a solid defense, particularly against the pass in fantasy football.

Cleveland ranks third in the fantasy realm in fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks over their past four games (a paltry 8.95). That's not the best news for Luck, especially with this being a pretty mammoth-sized game in Cleveland. You still can't sit Luck, but the Browns' dominance stretches out to wide receivers, too.

T.Y. Hilton still needs to be started, but it's entirely possible he has a tough time with Joe Haden all over him. In daily formats, I'd bypass Hilton this week and take a shot on Reggie Wayne, Donte Moncrief and/or one of the Colts' tight ends. Dwayne Allen could be back, which fogs that situation up considerably, however.

Pounding the Rock

Trent Richardson faces the team that traded him a year ago, but no one should really care. He could score the random touchdown against his former team, but he has just 21 total touches over the past two games and is very much the number two guy behind Daniel Herron. There's an outside chance Indy says, "the heck with it" and gives all of the carries to T-Rich in hopes he mashes his former team, but that'd be really silly of them.

Herron has some solid value as the main touch master out of Indy's backfield, while Cleveland's run defense has been gashed several times this year. Herron is a terrific Flex play and should even serve as a quality RB2. It's also worth noting that Herron went to Ohio State and would love nothing more than to house the Browns in Cleveland this week. T-Rich does carry some upside if the touches are there, but is probably still just a touchdown-dependant Flex play.

His Name Was Brian Hoyer

This week needs to be the death of Brian Hoyer. He has been flat out atrocious and it's insane that the Browns, who actually have a shot at the playoffs at 7-5, keep sticking with him. It's good news for the Colts this week, though, as he's sure to drown in a sea of turnovers with so much pressure on him. With Johnny Manziel breathing down his neck, Hoyer may falter and make the Colts defense look really good this week.

That's if Vontae Davis is out there. When Davis is gone, Indy seems to fall apart on defense. It's also worth noting that Colt McCoy went crazy in the second half last week, so even Drew Stanton could probably help you out with this matchup. In other words, you're rolling the dice by using the Colts this week. If Davis somehow plays, you can probably use them with some confidence. If not, they'll be a defense to potentially avoid this week.

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