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2014 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 14

Hitting at 54% ATS this season, see what the Winning Stats has predicted for Week 14.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Another winning week in Week 13 for the Winning Stats Predictor, going a nice 9-7, bringing our season record up to 104-88, or 54.2% (did some clean-up on lines from SuperContest last week, so it may not match exactly from what I had last week. It's right now). 10-6 each week is the goal, but 9-7 will win money betting each game, so I'll definitely take it. Picking winners was great as well, going 12-4, bringing our season total up to 123-68-1, or 64.3%.

This week got off to a rocky start, as the Predictor had the Bears beating the Cowboys, which obviously didn't happen Thursday night. Should have known though, as Thursday nights have been brutal this year. This week you'll notice a lot of road teams Against the Spread, which is a pretty normal thing for the Predictor. I've found the "3 points for home team" is really just a point, maybe a point and a half max nowadays. Teams are getting much better at playing on the road, and it's something a majority of people haven't quite adjusted for yet. It's not uncommon to get 75% road teams picked Against the Spread by the Predictor, like this week. Those rare home teams, especially when they are underdogs, you have to jump on though. They're my best bets every single year.

Picks for Week 14:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Bears 27 Cowboys 25 53.9%
Browns 21 Colts 23 56.5%
Bengals 26 Steelers 24 53.7%
Titans 23 Giants 28 61.7%
Redskins 22 Rams 30 70.3%
Saints 31 Panthers 25 67.8%
Vikings 21 Jets 20 51.0%
Lions 24 Buccaneers 15 72.1%
Jaguars 16 Texans 24 69.5%
Dolphins 27 Ravens 22 62.8%
Broncos 23 Bills 19 61.2%
Cardinals 20 Chiefs 21 50.1%
Eagles 22 Seahawks 27 63.0%
Raiders 15 49ers 18 59.1%
Chargers 27 Patriots 31 61.4%
Packers 30 Falcons 27 59.5%

SuperContest went 3-2 last week, bringing our season total up to 37-28. Off to an 0-1 week so far with the Bears, so here's the other four:

  • Browns +3.5 vs. Colts
  • Rams -2.5 at Redskins
  • Chiefs PK at Cardinals
  • Raiders +7.5 vs. 49ers

Survivor Pick: The Dolphins survived as our first road team, so we're going back to a home team this week. The Lions have the best chance to win according to the Predictor this week, so we'll go with them at home against Tampa Bay.

USED: Jets, 49ers, Colts, Steelers, Chargers, Titans, Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, Cardinals, Saints, Packers, Dolphins