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Colts Can Clinch AFC South with Win this Sunday

The Colts can officially clinch the AFC South division title with a win this Sunday over the Texans.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The magic number for the Indianapolis Colts is one.  One more win and they'll clinch the AFC South division title for the second straight year.  In other words, if the Colts beat the Houston Texans this Sunday in Indianapolis, they're guaranteed to host at least one playoff game in January.

The Texans (7-6) are in second place in the AFC South, but with only three weeks remaining their chances at actually winning the division look very slim.  In fact, with one Colts win over the final three weeks of the season or one Texans loss over the final three weeks of the season, the Colts would clinch the division title.  Of course, the easiest way for that to happen is for Indy to just beat Houston on Sunday in Indianapolis - a place where Houston has never won in their history despite playing there every year.

When the Colts do clinch the division, it will be their second straight title and their ninth in the thirteen year history of the AFC South division.  It will be the second division title with Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck - the second of many more sure to come.

By clinching the division, the Colts earn a home playoff game and are guaranteed no worse than the number four overall seed in the AFC playoff picture - though they are currently slotted as the third seed.  It has seemed this way all season long, but with a Colts' win on Sunday we can officially say that playoff football will be returning to the city of Indianapolis in January.  All that the Colts have to do is take care of business and get one more win over the final three weeks (and hopefully more) - which very well could come as soon as Sunday when they host the Texans.