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Reggie Wayne says drops are just a concentration issue

Appearing on his weekly radio show on 1260 WNDE with Jake Query and Derek Schultz, Colts' wide receiver Reggie Wayne confirmed that he has a partially torn triceps and talked about playing through the injury, including his tough day on Sunday.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday against the Browns, though the Colts won, their offense struggled for much of the game.  One of the most startling struggles was that of wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who had perhaps his worst of 208 career games with the Colts.  He caught just one pass for five yards on eight targets, the first time in the last 83 games he had played in which he didn't catch at least three passes.  And on top of all of that, he flat out dropped three passes.  It was unlike anything we've come to expect from one of the greatest Colts.

We knew that he was dealing with an elbow injury, but it turns out he also is playing through a torn triceps.  Chuck Pagano let it slip out on Sunday night and then confirmed it Monday.  "He battles every week," Pagano said.

Reggie Wayne, appearing on his weekly radio show on 1260 WNDE with Jake Query and Derek Schultz on Tuesday night, also confirmed that he has a "partially torn triceps" that he is playing through.  He noted that the "injury has been there for weeks," but that, "it is what it is.  I'm playing through it.  We've all got injuries."  But while he does have a torn triceps, Wayne didn't use that as the reason for his drops on Sunday.  That, he said, was just a concentration issue.  He said that more than any injury, concentration is the biggest factor that goes into drops.  He noted that he is playing through the same injury that he did against the New York Giants - a game in which he caught 4 passes for 70 yards and a touchdown.  He's not blaming the drops on the injury but rather simply concentration.  "I dropped the passes," Wayne said.  "That was on me."

Of course, the injuries (knee last year, elbow and triceps this year) along with Wayne's recent comments to RTV6's Mike Chappell wondering whether retirement could be near for the fourteen-year veteran.  Asked about that this afternoon on the show, however, Wayne said that it's too early to tell.  He said that the time to determine that is after the season, not right now.  Regarding whether his body feels like it's time to hang up the cleats or not, however, Reggie noted that he actually feels like he could have a couple more years left in him.  But again, Reggie said, it's really too early for that decision - the time for it is after the season is over.

Right now, he said that he's just trying to help his torn triceps through whatever means helps him.  Whether that's ice, working out, etc., Reggie said that he's trying to regain some of the strength.  Rest, he said that he has found, actually causes his arm to become weaker.  Now, of course, he could continue to work on those things without actually playing on the field, but that doesn't sound like it's his plan anytime soon.

On the field, Reggie is nearing a very significant career milestone.  On Sunday he will play in his 209th career game with the Colts' franchise, breaking the previous franchise record set by quarterback Peyton Manning (208).  He'll do it at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of a crowd that will surely erupt in a "Reggie!" chant, and if the Colts win Wayne will also set the franchise for most wins that he's been a part of (141), once again breaking Peyton's record.