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Seahawks Bowl over Broncos in Super Performance

The Seattle Seahawks completely dominated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, winning 43-8. Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith was named MVP.

Kevin C. Cox

Congratulations are due to the Seattle Seahawks, who won Super Bowl XLVIII over the Denver Broncos by the score of 43-8.  It was one of the biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history and it was the greatest defensive performance I have ever personally watched and one of the great defensive performances ever in the history of the league.

Russell Wilson played a good game, completing 18 of 25 passes for 205 yards and 2 touchdowns without a pick and adding 26 yards on the ground, but it was all about the defense in the Seahawks rout.  They forced 4 turnovers and scored on an interception return for a touchdown and on a safety.  The defense swarmed on the ball all the time and wouldn't let the receivers get open.  They pressured Peyton Manning significantly and they were very physical.  Linebacker Malcolm Smith was a very deserving game MVP, recording 9 tackles, a pass deflection, a fumble recovery, and a 69-yard pick-six, but honestly the MVP for the game could have gone to the entire Seahawks defense.

Obviously, for most Colts fans this loss hurts more than most games that don't feature the Colts, as beloved former quarterback Peyton Manning now plays for the Broncos.  It was a really rough night for him and I feel terrible for him.  Manning set a Super Bowl record by completing 34 passes, but it was really insignificant.  He completed 34 of 49 passes for 280 yards, a touchdown and 2 picks and admittedly made some terrible throws.  He deserves the criticism he will get, but anybody who criticizes Peyton Manning's performance without criticizing the entire Broncos team more does not provide valid criticism.  People will try to pin this loss on Peyton's shoulders, but it was far from just being his fault.  He made some bad throws, but the team was AWFUL.  Peyton didn't have a bad snap to start the game.  Peyton didn't blow a kick assignment to allow a return TD.  Peyton didn't fumble the ball after a big reception.  Peyton didn't get embarrassed on defense.  Peyton didn't blow blocking assignments.  Seriously, that team was terrible tonight.  I blocked more people on twitter tonight than the Broncos linemen blocked Seahawks defenders, I think.  It was terrible.  Oh, and the Manning legacy talk?  Yeah, I'm not getting into that yet.  Everybody knows my opinion.  It hasn't changed.

Right now, the time is not for criticizing Peyton Manning (I feel terrible for him).  Right now is the time to give the Seahawks a ton of credit.  They played a heck of a football game and were the NFL's best team all season long.  The best team won this year, and the best team on Super Bowl Sunday won as well, behind the best defensive performance I have ever seen.

Congrats again to the Seahawks.  They're not going anywhere.  They could have the makings of a dynasty.  And I think that within five years, we'll see the Colts facing the Seahawks in a Super Bowl.  Yeah, I said it.

The Seattle Seahawks are world champions.  They deserve it.