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Hold the phone: Colts might not be able to tag Adam Vinatieri

Not unless they want to pay him like a top five quarterback.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The always entertaining Sharona at her Twitter handle (@SportsBySharona) has helped shed some light on how the exclusive franchise tag is not necessarily something the Colts can use to retain the services of one Mr. Adam Vinatieri, field goal kicker. As you know, Vinny is a free agent this year and he is coming off one of the best seasons in his likely Hall of Fame resume.

Sharona pointed me and her Twitter followers to a tweet from former NFL agent and current writer for National Football Post and CBS Sports, Joel Corry, on the franchise tag and Adam Vinatieri. Here's Corry's take:

My first thought was that 2002 and 2005 were eons ago. Specially, they were two CBAs ago. Does that mean they still carry over? Corry answered yes.

So, that would seem to settle that. Paying a kicker the kind of money one gives a top five quarterback isn't even worth discussing. It simply isn't happening.

If the Colts want to keep Vinatieri in the fold - and, in my opinion, I consider keeping him more of a priority over punter Pat McAfee - then they'll need to work something out before the new league year begins March 11th in order to avoid unrestricted free agency.