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Colts Re-Sign Kicker Adam Vinatieri

The Colts have re-signed kicker Adam Vinatieri to a 2-year extension.

Andy Lyons

With free agency beginning in just a few hours, the Colts have limited time to re-sign their own before they hit the open market.  One of their own is now off the market.  The Colts have re-signed kicker Adam Vinatieri to a 2-year deal (as first reported by Adam Schefter).

This was a move I expected to happen, but the Colts were nearing the start of free agency, which wouldn't have been good.  This was also a move that needed to happen, as the Colts need a kicker and they wouldn't get anyone nearly as good as Vinatieri to replace him.

At 41-years old, a 2-year deal is a long deal to give a kicker, and that could very well be what the hold up was, but either way this is a great move to bring back Vinatieri, who's still kicking well.  In fact, 2013 was one of his best seasons ever, as he converted 35 of 40 field goal attempts, including a league best 19 of 23 from 40+ yards out.  Some fans will point to his field goal percentage as being 18th best in the league and have said that makes Vinatieri the 18th best kicker in the league, but that's just not true and in fact he's among the top five kickers in the league.  Even at 41 years old, Vinatieri can still kick and this was a move that absolutely needed to happen.

The Colts now have their special teams core back in Adam Vinatieri and Pat McAfee, who both re-signed with the team, and pro bowl long snapper Matt Overton returns as well.  Special teams ace Sergio Brown is still unsigned, as he's a free agent, and I'd love for the Colts to re-sign him, but Vinatieri was clearly the priority over Brown.

This is a great move for the Colts, no doubt about it.  Vinatieri is a great kicker and a great leader in the locker room.  He's a fan favorite, and especially if the Colts are not going to be able to re-sign Vontae Davis, this is a great move to make fans happy.  This almost guarantees that Vinatieri will retire as a Colt, and that's a good thing.

Great move by the Colts.  Welcome back, Adam Vinatieri.