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Are the Colts still in the running for WR Eric Decker?

The Colts might be one of three teams trying to sign the fifth-year receiver from the Broncos.

Dilip Vishwanat

Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver was the first to report, back on February 26th, that the Indianapolis Colts and current free agent wide receiver Eric Decker had "interest" in each other. After the first day of the NFL's new league year has come a gone, and despite a flurry of free agent signings since, Decker is still looking for a new team.

Per multiple reports, Decker is visiting the New York Jets today, but, according to Mike Florio of PFT, there are two other teams (labeled as team 1b and 1c) who are still intrigued with Decker. NFL Network seems to think that one of them is the Colts. I basing this on their near-constant thumping on the DECKER-TO-COLTS drum during their programming yesterday.

The problem with the Colts signing Decker - outside of the fact that he isn't an especially great receiver - is that he'll likely be looking for a contract similar to what the Colts gave corner Vontae Davis. After all their moves yesterday, Indianapolis only has about $17 million in cap space to work with in free agency.

With massive roster holes at center, safety, guard, and linebacker, it makes little sense to spend $9 million bucks a year on a player like Decker, especially since there are other, equally talented receiver options still on the market, such as Golden Tate and Emmanuel Sanders.