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Stampede Blue's revised 2014 free agent wish list for the Colts

With cornerback Vontae Davis re-signed to a deal with $20 million guaranteed, the free agent wish list for the Colts has got to change.

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So, my previous Indianapolis Colts free agent wish list is kind of busted now that Vontae Davis has been re-signed to a 4-year, $39 million deal. However, one player on that list, Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones, was indeed signed by Indy yesterday.

YAY BRAD! Hookers and crack rocks for everyone!

In all seriousness, I do like the Jones signing, but it was for more than I was expecting: 5-year, $33 million deal with $10 million guaranteed. The reality is my projected contract of 3 years, $12.6 million with $6.2 guaranteed was too modest. But, if his deal is structured properly, it's not a terrible contract.

Despite signing Jones yesterday, there are still significant roster holes that need addressing. The Colts have roughly $17 million in cap space left to work with. Here's how they can maximize it:

Jonathan Goodwin, C

Age: 35

Contract: 2 years, $7.75 million, including $4 million in 2014

I'm keeping this one from my previous list. It just seems to make even more sense now. Goodwin can come in and play immediately, providing a one year stop gap while Khaled Holmes (or someone else) develops.

Jerricho Cotchery, WR

Age: 31

Contract: 3 years, $8.5 million, $2.5 million guaranteed

This isn't an especially "sexy" signing, but there is no doubt that Cotchery is a good player that can be acquired cheaply. He's a tall player (6'1, 200 lbs) and had only 3 drops all season to go with 10 touchdowns for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cotchery earned a catch percentage of 62%, per Pro Football Focus, and his efficiency as a slot receiver helped the Steelers rank 12th in the league in passing. Cotchery is just a good, solid player. No gimmicks. No flash. Just a dependable guy who can make things happen in the red zone. He was also the No. 2 ranked blocking wideout in 2013, per PFF.

Pat Sims, NT

Age: 28

Contract: 3 years, $8 million, $3.1 million guaranteed

I'm throwing this one out there as a bit of a curve ball. I know everyone thinks safety is a big need, but I think that can be dealt with in the draft. The Colts plan to use Arthur Jones some at nose tackle, but the reality is that Josh Chapman isn't the most healthy of players. The knee injury that he played through at Alabama in 2011 bothered him once again in 2013. Also, despite being touted by the team as a powerful inside defender, Chapman couldn't beat out a 33-year-old Aubrayo Franklin last year. Pat Sims is 28, and had a solid year in Oakland, especially against the run. PFF has him ranked +9.5 against the run, which is ranked 11th overall in terms of nose tackles. He provides a solid option inside, allowing Chuck Pagano the option of rotating Jones, Ricky Jean-Francois, Montori Hughes, and Cory Redding on different downs and situations.

Ravens free agent nose tackle Terrence Cody is another option here.