Does size matter in receivers and corners?

I'm tired of talking about free agency.

There's been much ado, considerable babble, and more than enough blather on this website about the relevance of height in wide receivers and cornerbacks.

One faction quotes Yoda, "Size matters not." The other maintains that, in a league soon to be populated with the likes of Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin, short corners and receivers are going to be as useless as Fanshots in the offseason, or in the regular season. Seriously, does anyone even use that feature at all?

But because I'm smarter than everyone else, I have not stooped to conforming to these polar opinions. I believe that size DOES matter, but only to an extent. Every receiving corps and secondary should have small players that can stretch the field and turn on a dime, but they also need big, physical guys that are capable of winning their matchups through sheer power. Basically, good receiving corps and secondaries should be diverse.

The perfect support for this argument can be found in the Seahawks and Broncos. One of the reasons everyone was excited for that anticlimactic superbowl was that we would get to see Seattle's towering corners lined up across from big guys like Demaryius and Julius Thomas. What happened of course, was that Seattle's D completely overpowered Denver. Their D got great penetration, plugging up all the holes, and bringing enough pressure to bring Manning to his knees, moaning. Good God it was a magnificent D.

The point is that Seattle's rangy corners were more than capable of defending Denver's bigger guys, yet when Seattle came to Indy, T.Y. had one of the best games of his career, because although he is small, he is quick enough to get open and get yards after the catch. Denver and Seattle may have been big, but they both lacked elite speed, and that's partially why Denver struggled against Seattle and Seattle struggled against us. But size should still be considered, otherwise, your team will have a helluva time controlling players like Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham.

Basically, short corners have a hard time covering tall receivers, and tall corners have a hard time covering short receivers. There are some freaks out there, such as Patrick Peterson, that are big enough to cover tall guys and fast enough to cover small guys, but not many.

Now we'll see how literate you monkeys are.

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