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Stampede Blue turns 8 years old

Thank you for reading our sh!t for eight years.

Harry Engels

Yes, we're old. In terms of blog years, very, VERY old.

Rarely do blogs hang around longer than one year. Two years? That's dedication. Three or four years, and you've got a crazy person working behind the scenes.

Eight years? Now, that's not just crazy. That's masochistic!

It was back on February 21st, 2006 that we opened up shop here. If you don't believe me, here's the first post. The message then is pretty much the same as it is now:

This site is for fans of the Indianapolis Colts. We offer opinions and insight on not just the Colts, but the NFL in general. I'd like to give a shout out to all Colts fans, and any fans of other teams that take the time to read and post here. Yes, that includes you New England fans out there.

Each year we've grown and grown, weaving ourselves deeper into the fabric that is fan-generated media covering the NFL. Along the way, good people like Vox Media executive Jim Bankoff, PFT creator Mike Florio, NFL PR man Brian McCarthy, and Indianapolis Star writer Mike Chappell provided us with guidance, support, and kindness. Our big "break" was covering the Super Bowl in Miami back in 2010, an opportunity that opened doors not just for Stampede Blue, but for SB Nation in general.

We've also had, and continue to have, some fabulous writers and editors here, including Joe Baker, Matt Grecco, Colin McCollough, KingRichard, Josh Wilson, Laura Calloway, and Andrew Mishler, just to name a few. Everyone who has written articles and posts for Stampede Blue added something unique and positive to the site. To all of them - and I can't name them all because there have been many - thank you. Each of you made this blog better.

I guess the question is do we have 8 more years in us? I say that as long as we have loyal readers, like you, then yes. We will. Speaking of loyal, one reader who has been with us since the very beginning is Mr. Doug Masson, an attorney in Indiana who a met through this blog. Like me, he's a Colts fan, and it has always given me a sense of accomplishment that, eight years later, he still finds our blog enjoyable. He even linked me to this little exchange I had with him on his blog back in October 2006.

Thank you for wallowing with us, Doug. Thank you everyone.

P.S.- Go Colts