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Report: Colts, Vontae Davis Not Close on a Deal

According to a report from the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder, the Colts and cornerback Vontae Davis are not close on a new deal. Other teams are free to talk to Davis beginning tomorrow in advance of free agency starting at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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The Colts have made several moves in the past few days, but they have yet to agree to a new deal with their number one free agent target - re-signing cornerback Vontae Davis.  In fact, according to a report today from the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder, the two sides aren't really close on a deal, either.  Wrote Holder:

"As the clock continues to click, the Indianapolis Colts and cornerback Vontae Davis - their top impending free agent - are not close to a deal.

"Conversations between the team and Davis continue. But The Indianapolis Star has learned no deal is imminent and, in fact, the sides are relatively far apart in negotiations."

Of course, this is noteworthy because starting tomorrow other teams can begin negotiations with upcoming free agents - including Davis.  The Colts would love to get Davis under contract before then, but it honestly might be a smart move by Davis' camp to wait and hear some of the offers from other teams before agreeing to a deal.  They might then be able to take those other offers to the Colts and use them as leverage.  But, as we often hear when it comes to deals, deadlines spur action.

It's not time to freak out.  It still remains abundantly clear that the Colts want to get a deal done and Vontae Davis and his camp do as well.  With both sides wanting to get it done, it should happen, but it may take time.  It's not time to freak out yet, but at the same time if it keeps taking a while it will seem odd that the Colts are making all of these other moves while their number one priority - Vontae Davis - remains unsigned.

Earlier this week, the Miami Dolphins re-signed cornerback Brent Grimes to a 4-year, $32 million deal, likely setting the market for cornerbacks at $8 million a year.  I expect Davis to get slightly more than that, however, as he is only 25 years old and a very talented player.  He is very important to the Colts defense, too, as a young talented corner isn't easy to come by in today's NFL and Davis fits the system very well, playing well in man coverage.

Honestly, this isn't an easy place for Colts general manager Ryan Grigson to be in.  It's clear that Davis is important to the team and the Colts absolutely want to bring him back, placing a very high priority on it.  It is also clear that Davis wants quite a bit of money - almost certainly more than he is "worth."  But that right there is the very problem - no matter what the Colts do, fans will be upset.  If they re-sign Davis, there will be fans thrilled that Davis is back but there will be a vocal crowd who are upset that the Colts gave Davis as much money as they did.  If the Colts don't re-sign Davis, well, they'll have a lot bigger problems than the salary cap - namely, a big void at their starting corner position in a defense that doesn't need any additional holes created.

The Colts have the cap room to re-sign Davis, so this deal should get done.  According to this report, the Colts and Davis aren't close on a deal yet, but I don't consider it a major reason for worry quite yet.  Give it time, and remember that deadlines spur action.  And that goes for the other pending free agents as well - namely kicker Adam Vinatieri.