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Hakeem Nicks Thinks he would be "Dangerous" with Andrew Luck in Indy

From the "no surprise" department comes soon to be free agent wide receiver Hakeem Nicks expressing interest in signing with the Indianapolis Colts, saying he thinks he would be "dangerous" with Andrew Luck.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

This is the time of year when there are a lot of reports about where a player might end up and which teams have interest in which players, and vice versa.  According to ESPN's Josina Anderson, New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, who is due to become a free agent on Tuesday, would have interest in signing with the Indianapolis Colts.  Nicks told Anderson:

"Ideally this is what I want: I want to go to a team where I'm the missing link. There are a number of teams that I have my eye on once I hit the market. I know if I went to a place like Indianapolis I would be dangerous with a quarterback like Andrew Luck. I can see myself catching passes from Cam Newton or even Philip Rivers. Players have already started to reach out to me from other teams saying they would love for me to come join them. I just want to make it clear that I want a long-term deal and I want to be happy. I'm excited about talking to teams and making it work."

First of all, this is really no surprise whatsoever.  I don't know if the Colts have interest in Nicks - my guess would be that they do - but the fact that Nicks would like to play with Andrew Luck is no surprise whatsoever.  Any wide receiver who is a free agent would be very unwise to not at least look at the Colts with the quarterback that they currently have in Luck.  This doesn't mean that the interest is mutual nor that it will happen, just that a receiver would like to play with one of the league's premier young quarterbacks - makes sense, right?

As for the Colts, we don't have reports yet stating their interest in Nicks, but that doesn't mean it's not there and it might be wise for them to seriously consider the 26-year old receiver.  He is a receiver who has two 1,000 yard receiving seasons under his belt but who has dropped off considerably in the past two years, dropping as far as to catching zero touchdowns in 2013 despite being targeted over 100 times.  He has struggled with knee and foot issues and has undergone surgeries to try and correct the problems, and Nicks sent a letter to all 32 teams with endorsements from Dr. Robert Anderson and Dr. James Andrews with both of them vouching for Nicks being healthy.  Also, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Nicks would be willing to consider taking a one year deal to prove his health.

Sounds like an intriguing option for the Colts, doesn't it?

The Colts need to add a wide receiver, but they really need to add a number one receiver.  This is a position that they really might target in the draft, but if that is the case they'll also need to add a receiver because they can't be counting on a rookie (not drafted in the first round) to fill the role the Colts would need him to fill.  Enter Hakeem Nicks.  A young, talented receiver who has produced at the NFL level, the Colts might be able to get Nicks without having to pay him number one receiver money because of his injuries and the level of play the past two years, and they could potentially get him on a one year deal.  The Colts have tried the one year deal for receivers each of the past two years and while they haven't worked out that well (Donnie Avery and Darrius Heyward-Bey) that doesn't mean they should stop trying it.

There are several factors that come into play with the Colts considering a wide receiver, but Hakeem Nicks is an intriguing option for them.  We still don't know if the Colts have interest but we know that Nicks does, and he thinks that pairing him up with Colts quarterback Andrew Luck would make him "dangerous."  Maybe so, and depending on the contract they could get him for and the other receivers out there, it might be something worth trying for the Colts.