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Conflicting reports emerge on the status of Vontae Davis re-signing with Colts's Jason LaCanfora reported that the Colts and Davis are near a deal.'s Stephen Holder and's Mike Wells say no.


Sunday evening,'s Jason LaCanfora reported that the Colts and their soon-to-be free agent cornerback Vontae Davis were close to a new deal, with fresh ink on this new contract expected by tomorrow (Monday).

However, we now have two new reports conflicting with LaCanfora's nformation. One is provided by Indianapolis Star reporter Stephen Holder while's Mike Wells gifts us the other.

Why are Holder/Wells reporting one thing and LaConfora another? To be fair to all of them, it's possible all these reports are correct. These men are just relaying what their sources are telling them. However, it's a logical guess that one side is talking to Vontae Davis' agent and/or representatives while the other is talking to Colts' management.

It should also be noted that this contract info seemed to take Holder completely by surprise based on what he reported earlier late Saturday evening:

It'll be interesting to see if Davis' deal does get done by Monday. If not, LaCanfora's source(s) will have some explaining to do, I'd think.