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Mock Draft Monday: Keep away from Kelvin

FSU WR Kelvin Benjamin was reportedly "too tired" to work out for an NFL team.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State's Kelvin Benjamin was reportedly "too tired" to work out for an NFL team.


After several years of those around him questioning his work ethic and drive, let alone his own admission of being "lazy" at the beginning of this past season, Benjamin thinks it's a good idea to blow off an NFL team, as if NFL teams don't gossip like middle school girls.

For me, this situation just screams of a young Albert Haynesworth. Remember him? An uber-talented DT for the Tennessee Titans that never came to play until his contract year. When he came to play though, boy, was he a force. However, once he signed his huge contract with the Washington football team, you never heard from him again.

Benjamin seems cut from the same mold. A uber-talents big, bodied WR who can change games when he wants to. But that's the problem, it's only when he wants to. It seems like more than coincidence that once Benjamin realized he was likely to go pro after this year he cleaned up his act and throughout this season, you never heard the talk of him being "lazy" or unmotivated. A person who blows off a job interview because they are "too tired" is not someone I'd want within my organization. Even if Banjamin falls to the Colts at pick 59, it's highly unlikely they would take him because the Colts, as an organization, seem to consistently tout hard work and bringing your lunch pail every day.

As for Mock Draft Friday, I'm going to give you two mocks I really like and two I don't so much care for.

Mocks I Like

First, I'll hit up where they have the Colts selecting:

59 Indianapolis
Keith McGill
Reach/Value: -27
Alternate Pick #1
Jackson Jeffcoat
Alternate Pick #2
Aaron Lynch
Indy re-signed the vaunted Vontae Davis and still needs a CB opposite him they can count on for an entire season. Greg Toler, although talented, cannot stay healthy. McGill would provide the Colts with a tall, extremely athletic and top skill corner to pair up with Davis. The big concern with McGill, however, is shying away from making tackles. That can't happen at the next level, and Indy coaching staff will need to make certain that trait is not an ingrained or long-lasting one.

Normally, I don't like Drafttek's selections overall but this would be a solid pick up for the Colts, who are in dire need of a consistent CB opposite Vontae Davis. Toler had more injuries last year than I'd like to count. As they point out, the one main concern is a lack of willingness to stick his head in there and make a tackle, but at least he'd be on the field.

The next mock draft I think is intriguing is from Matt Miller at where he has the Colts selecting:

59 Indianapolis Colts: Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota
60 Carolina Panthers: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Now, I include both the Colts and Carolina pick for a reason. First, Ra'Shede Hageman is a physical freak, or as Chuck Pagano would call him, a Dancing Bear. He is aNT prospect that can blow up plays in the backfield if he gets off the snap well. However, if a blocker gets leverage, he's known to give up on plays. It'll be interesting to see how that dynamic would play out.

As for the pick, I think it's intriguing but I say that with some hesitation due to Miller having Allen Robinson taken right afterwards. Robinson is a great WR talent who attacks the ball in the air and is a tireless worker with tremendous physical attributes as well. If I were the Colts, I would take Robinson over Hageman because in the first few rounds, that's where you get elite skill position talent. Unless there is a special OL or DL prospect available, you can pick up good linemen in later rounds.

Mocks I Don't Like

As for the mocks I don't like, the first is from where they have the Colts selecting:

59. Indianapolis - Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State

They can't be serious, right? I know the RB situation may not be perfect but there's no need to replace Donald Brown and taking a serious shot at Trent Richardson's already fragile confidence. Carlos Hyde is Trent Richardson Lite. I'd rather just stick with the real thing and see how it goes.

The last mock draft I'll take my shot at is from the sports giant itself, where Todd McShay has the Colts selecting:

59. Indianapolis Colts: Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin
I was surprised Borland lasted this long, but I think this is a case where positional value bumps him down a bit. I have an early second-round grade on him. I'd rather see him as a 4-3 middle linebacker, but he'd be fine at the weak inside linebacker position in a 3-4.

Don't get me wrong, I like Borland as a prospect but not to the Colts. The team signed D'Qwell Jackson to play opposite Jerrell Freeman for the next few years and drafting Borland would be somewhat conceding Jackson may not have been the guy. Also, the team has Josh McNary and Henuc Muamba who I'd like to see if they can develop. Oddly enough, Borland seems to be a popular pick for the Colts in this spot. I understand the pick though because Jackson is a bit older and a likely replacement will need to be taken at some point.

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