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2014 NFL Draft: More prospects workout for the Colts pre-draft

Colts have shown interest in Louisville's Marcus Smith, among others.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Draft is three weeks away, and, despite all the mock drafts, no one truly knows what the hell the Indianapolis Colts will do at the No. 59 pick. The only thing we can go by is noting who the team brings in for private workouts.

Contrary to what many skeptics out there say, yes, private workouts do indicate interest on the part of the team. If the Colts have no intention of drafting a player, or, at the very least, weren't entertaining the thought of drafting him, they wouldn't waste their valuable time working said player out.

Of course, on draft day, just because a player was worked out doesn't guarantee the Colts will select him or sign him post-draft. The workout simply means that there is interest. Nothing more. Nothing less.

That said, here are some people the Colts have shown interest in recently:

For those counting at home, that's two corners (Fuller and Mitchell), a safety (McDonald), a running back (West), and an outside linebacker (Smith).

Right now, the Colts secondary is a wreck. LaRon Landry was a free agent bust last season. Antoine Bethea is now wearing a 49ers uniform, and Greg Toler is not reliable from a health standpoint. Depth in the secondary is practically non-existent. Reserve corner Cassius Vaughn signed with the Lions this offseason, leaving only Josh Gordy as a reserve corner with any game experience.

The only players in the secondary that are somewhat reliable are slot corner Darius Butler and starting corner Vontae Davis. Davis just inked a 4-year, $39 million deal.

So, yeah. The Colts kind of need to find some defensive backs in the draft.