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2014 Colts Mock Draft Scouting Report- OLB Jordan Tripp

Stampede Blue scouts the players who make the most sense for the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 NFL Draft. We call this series 'Who the hell will they draft?'

Stacy Revere

Jordan Tripp - OLB - Montana

Height: 6' 2 3/4"
Weight: 234
Arm: 30 3/4"
Hand: 9 5/8"

Tripp is a smart and instinctive OLB who rarely takes a false step. He is very disciplined in his pursuit angles and always is making plays on the ball carrier. Tripp a high motor guy who brings energy to every play. He has great ability in coverage and would not be a liability when asked to cover man-to-man due to his above average anticipation. Tripp is also an effective blitzer when needed.

While Tripp brings energy to every play, he isn't an overly physical defender. He has a tendency to try to throw ball carriers down rather than wrap up and drive through them. He wasn't overly dominant at Montana, despite going up against lower level competition. He, like Brooks above, does not possess prototypical NFL size for his position, which could be a concern on how well his body will hold up.

Tripp was likely the most controversial of the mock draft picks but his versatility and ability to play OLB in the 3-4 or ILB in the 4-3 was too enticing. In the LB position overall, instincts and intelligence can overcome many physical short comings. Tripp could develop into a solid starter if his lack of traditional physical tools doesn't hold him back.

Tripp is projected in the mid-3rd round in most mock drafts.