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Hakeem Nicks will wear No. 14 for Colts

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P.S.- Just retire Marvin Harrison's number already.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New Colts wide receiver Hakeem Nicks made a name for himself with the Giants wearing No. 88. Now that he is in Indianapolis, there was some discussion that Nicks would retain his '88,' which just so happens to be the same number worn by the, arguably, the franchise's greatest wide receiver ever: Marvin Harrison. Harrison's '88' hasn't officially been retired, but no player has worn those two 8 digits on a Colts jersey since Harrison was released by the team in 2009.

Turns out Nicks won't wear the duel 8s in 2014 for the Colts, per Mike Wells of ESPN. He'll instead wear No. 14.

Side note: Can the Colts just retire Harrison's number already?

Peyton Manning's '18' was retired the day he was released in 2012, and it seems the same policy was informally instituted when former team vice chairman Bill Polian purged Harrison from the roster in 2009. Since Manning-Harrison is the greatest QB-WR duo in NFL history, and since no other player - no matter how accomplished - has worn Harrison's old number for the Colts, it only makes sense to formally retire it.

While you're at it Colts brass, retire Dwight Freeney's '93' as well. I still do double-takes when I see Erik Walden running around with it on.