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2014 Colts Mock Draft Scouting Report- OG Jon Halapio

Stampede Blue scouts the players who make the most sense for the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 NFL Draft. We call this series 'Who the hell will they draft?'


Jon Halapio - OG - Florida

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 323 lbs
Arm Length: 33 5/8"
Hand Size: 10 1/4"

Strengths: Halapio is a true Tongan-American warrior and inspirational leader on the football field. One thing we constantly hear Grigson and Pagano preach is "toughness." Halapio played last season with an 80% tear of his pectoral muscle. If that doesn't scream toughness, then I'm not sure what does. In terms of playing, Halapio is well built to play on the interior line in the NFL. In the run game, Halapio can square a man up and take him head on without issue. He has a nasty streak and enjoys finishing off his blocks. In pass protection, Halapio is naturally strong and anchors well against bull rushers. He also is an effective communicator picking up blitzes and stunts.

2014 Indianapolis colts

Weaknesses: Halapio is not a great mover. He has trouble getting to the second level and locking on to line backers on a consistent basis. While he is a great anchor against larger defensive tackles, pass rushers and smaller, penetrating defensive tackles give him fits. If Halapio doesn't win with his initial punch, he can sometimes be overwhelmed because he doesn't utilize his hips consistently.

Conclusion: Halapio is a prototypical, short-area guard who provides nasty intangibles to an offensive line. He does have some serious physical limitations on his ability to play in space. However, in the Colts "power run" system, Halapio would be a solid depth player who could compete for a starting position in time. Given his size and intelligence, Halapio may be an intriguing player to move to center due to his ability to fight off bigger nose tackles.

Projected Range: Round 4 to Round 6