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2014 Colts Mock Draft Scouting Report- WR Martavis Bryant

Another installment of Stampede Blue's "Who The Hell Will They Draft?" series.

Mike Ehrmann

Martavis Bryant - WR - Clemson

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 211 lbs
Arm Length: 32 5/8"
Hand Size: 9 1/2"

Strengths: Bryant was "the other Clemson wide receiver" all year playing opposite Sammy Watkins. Bryant is a large target. Well, not large, but tall. He is a very long and rangy athlete. Bryant is also a bit of a long strider with excellent vertical speed to extend a defense. He is an aggressive receiver who will fight to win 50/50 balls and does a good job high pointing his catches. At 6' 4", Bryant is a legitimate red-zone target who excels at catching back shoulder throws or climbing the ladder on jump balls. If Bryant gets off the line, he has quick footwork to get in and out of his breaks.

2014 Indianapolis colts

Weaknesses: Bryant has incredibly inconsistent hands. He was constantly either double catching balls or had far too many inexplicable drops. While Bryant is a long and rangy athlete, he does not have the bulk you would expect from a top tier wide receiver so getting separation from a press corner could be difficult. Bryant also is not a refined route runner and was typically asked to just "go long" at Clemson.

Conclusions: Bryant, with proper coaching, could become a starting second wide receiver. His concentration and hand issues are very concerning though because once in the NFL, those issues don't improve or if they do, only marginally. Bryant is a big target however, and could be very similar to Darrius Heyward-Bey as a receiver but with a little better hands. If nothing else, he'd be an excellent red-zone weapon.

Projected Range: Round 2 to Round 4