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2014 Colts Mock Draft Scouting Report- CB/S Lamarcus Joyner

Another installment of Stampede Blue's "Who The Hell Will They Draft?" series.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Lamarcus Joyner - CB/S - Florida State

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 184 lbs
Arm Length: 31 1/2" 
Hand Size: 9 1/2"

Strengths: Joyner plays at full speed all the time. He is an aggressive hitter on the back end. Joyner is an instinctive football player and can cause issues for quarterbacks with his pre-snap movement. He anticipates plays and makes a strong, hard first step to either light up a ball carrier or make a big play against a wide receiver. He also times his blitzes rather well. Joyner was considered a leader on a very talented Florida State defense and has no problems contributing in special teams.

Weaknesses: While Joyner plays like he's a massive in the box style safety, he is only 5' 8" and 184 lbs. He can be a bit over aggressive at times, which makes him especially susceptible to the play action pass and he does not possess the necessary speed to make those kinds of mistakes. Joyner is not big enough to play press coverage in a pinch or quick enough to match up on most shifty slot wide receivers. He doesn't have the range to cover center field and makes too many mistakes trying to make the big play.

Conclusions: Joyner, in my mind, is Bob Sanders 2.0. While he does not have an injury history in college, he is an over aggressive in the box style safety but at a fairly small stature. He seems like a bit of a 'tweener with issues at both positions. If he lines up at safety, his over aggression will cause the back end of any defense to be eaten up by top passers in the NFL or really any passer with the use of play action in every NFL offense. If he's at corner, he's not athletic enough to hold his own. He is a hard, nosed football player though and could contribute immediately on special teams.

Projected Range: Round 2 to Round 4