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2014 Colts Mock Draft Scouting Report- CB Keith McGill

Another installment of Stampede Blue's "Who The Hell Will They Draft?" series.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Keith McGill - CB - Utah

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 211 lbs
Arm Length: 33 1/4" 
Hand Size: 10 1/4"

Strengths: McGill is a versatile guy who can play at both corner and safety. He is long and athletic with fluid hips to turn and run with most wide receivers. He has experience playing press-man corner and has the tendency to bait quarterbacks into throws. McGill is an explosive athlete, posting a 39" vertical and 10' 9" broad jump. He is also very aware of his surroundings, utilizing his elite athleticism to make plays on the ball.

sb nation mock draft

Weaknesses: McGill has some injury concerns coming out of Utah. While his last year was fairly uneventful on the injury front, he missed all of 2012 after suffering a shoulder injury in 2011. He is an average open field tackler who does not like to really hit a ball carrier, likely due to his shoulder issues, which causes concerns about his effectiveness at safety. At corner, he has a tendency to flip his hips too early to ease his transition to run with wide receivers, which could cause him to get lost with more savvy route runners. He also has limited experience at corner, which is likely his best position.

Conclusions: McGill is a versatile weapon for aggressive defenses. He is most similar to the press man corners used by the Seattle Seahawks. McGill has elite athleticism and size that almost all defensive coaches would beg to have playing for them. His injury concerns were during his time as a safety where he was forced to make a lot more tackles. His last season when he played almost exclusively corner and didn't have any major injury concerns.

Projected Range: Round 2 to Round 3