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Greg Toler still recovering from injury

Colts cornerback Greg Toler is still recovering from an injury and not participating in voluntary offseason workouts, but it's very important not to overreact to that.

Kevork Djansezian

The Colts had several starters miss several games due to injury last year, and many of them have been talked about a lot - Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Allen, etc.  One guy that hasn't been talked about as much amongst Colts fans is starting cornerback Greg Toler, who is recovering from a groin injury.

Toler is not participating in voluntary offseason workouts while still recovering from surgery for a sports hernia that he underwent shortly after the season was over.  The groin injury kept him out for the second half of the season, besides for a brief disastrous return in the wild card round against the Chiefs.  He has yet to play all sixteen games in a season despite being in the NFL five seasons, and his injury issues are a big concern for the Colts and their fans.  Can he stay healthy?  That's a big question.

Right now, however, he's still recovering from surgery and is not participating in workouts.  Toler said Wednesday:

"I'm feeling great after the surgery. I'm just trying to get back out there with my guys, missing those games on the back end of the season. Surgery went well, just trying to get the scar tissue to break up so I can be ready for training camp. OTAs, I'm leaving that in the doctors' hands, getting back out there on the field as they feel I need be."

When asked about a potential timeline for him to get back, Toler deferred to the doctors, saying:

"I just got to respect the input of the doctors and what they feel I need to be doing with the trainers. They just feed off one another. Now that I had surgery, just being able to trust that you're healthy and you're able to go when it's time to go. Just taking it one day at a time."

While fans will just groan when hearing that Greg Toler is still recovering from an injury and while this might lead to people bashing him for his injury issues, doing so because he's missing offseason workouts is silly.  These are voluntary workouts, and while they certainly can be beneficial, they're not mandatory and the most important thing for Toler to do right now is to make sure that he's healthy and not playing with a lingering injury.

It's fair to have doubts about Toler staying healthy for an entire season, but using the fact that he's missing offseason workouts is a silly reason why.


Colts corner Vontae Davis, who recently signed an extension to stay with the team, announced that he has switched his number from 23 to the number he wore with the Miami Dolphins, number 21.  Asked about why it was important for him to get back to wearing number 21, Davis said:

"It wasn't important. I just came into the league wearing 21 and when I came here, it wasn't open. Justin King had it at the time and it wasn't open. So it opened up and I just wanted to stick with the number all the way through my career, 21 is that number."

Works for me.  Of course, we'll have to get used to seeing Davis in number 21, but I don't think that should be a problem.  Greg Toler also mentioned how happy he was to get Davis back, saying that, "I was a bouncing needle during the offseason seeing if we were going to get Vontae back and I'm happy they got it done."