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2014 Colts Draft Pick: Jonathan Newsome - OLB - Ball State

A quick scouting report on one of the newest Colts, 2014 5th round pick (166th overall) OLB Jonathan Newsome.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Jonathan Newsome - OLB - Ball State

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 247 lbs.
Arm Length: 33 1/4"
Hand Size: 9 5/8"


Newsome is an athletic edge rusher who has an explosive first step. He is able to quickly get onto and under blockers using his speed. Newsome is able to dip his shoulder and flatten out when using his speed rush to get around tackles on the outside. He's able to drop into limited coverage and is a aggressive tackler.

robert mathis suspended


Newsome has significant off the field red flags. He was academically dismissed from Ohio State, which led to him transferring to Ball State. He was then suspended for two games at Ball State for marijuana possession and later was held on a warrant for alleged shoplifting. As for on the field, Newsome is limited in his coverage abilities. He's not a physically dominating player in terms of strength and is unable to consistently set the edge.

2014 draft grades


When this pick was made, I was a little caught off guard. I felt there were better options available for the Colts in Round 5. However, Newsome got a glowing endorsement from Morgan Moses, one of the top OTs in this draft, saying Newsome was the most difficult edge rusher he faced while at Virginia. This likely got Grigson and company to look a bit further into a player they admittedly didn't notice until the Combine. Newsome's scouting report read almost identically to Robert Mathis's when Mathis was drafted.

While he was a defensive end at Ball State, I can almost guarantee he will move to rush OLB with the Colts since he's not strong enough to set the edge. Overall, I do think Newsome has the skills to develop, but am a little hesitant about his character issues. He seems like a hard worker though, and he seems willing to give it all to make things right. Newsome may be a solid contributor in the long run, but will be a special team player initially, despite my beliefs there were better players available at the same position.