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2014 NFL Draft: Recap: Picks 1 through 5

Here's a quick recap of picks 1 through 5.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Here's a quick recap of picks 1 through 5 in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

1 1 Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina
1 2 St. Louis Rams
Greg Robinson OT Auburn
1 3 Jacksonville Jaguars
Blake Bortles QB Central Florida
1 4 Buffalo Bills Sammy Watkins WR Clemson
1 5 Oakland Raiders
Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo

My general thoughts:

Texans - Not surprised they went with Clowney. It's kind of the obvious choice for so many reasons. I do question his motor though. He plays when he wants to, which can be a huge problem in the NFL. Looks like Andrew Luck will need his "head on a swivel" from now on. The nightmare scenario for Colts fans is if Houston comes out of tonight with Teddy Bridgewater too.

Rams - I feel eh? about this pick. I don't think Robinson is the best offensive lineman right now. However, he has the highest ceiling of the top tackles. This also tells me St. Louis is looking more towards running the ball since Robinson is not great at pass protection. I will say I was surprised Jeff Fischer went with an offensive lineman in round one, the first time he's done that.

Jaguars - Wow! Total shocker there. The Jags did a great job of not letting anyone know their intentions. Colts fans should be very excited that Bortles will be in the division. He's not great at reading defenses, he's not very accurate. He is a load to bring down but he's not very mobile either. I'm very happy Jacksonville went with Bortles and you should be too.

Bills - TRADE!! Everyone knew Buffalo wanted Watkins and if he fell to 4, it was also pretty clear that Cleveland was trading out. Watkins is a great pick up for Buffalo. They've had terrible picks for so long and Watkins is a legitimate top level wide receiver. He'll be a great weapon for EJ Manual and open up things for CJ Spiller by not allowing teams to crowd the box.

Trade Details: Cleveland receives pick 9 and Buffalo 2015 1st and 4th round picks.

Raiders - I love this pick. Mack is one of my favorite players in this draft. He goes all out, all the time. He has the passion and heart that you want in an NFL player, especially a pass rusher. He makes plays all over the field. Out of the top five picks, I'd say Mack has the least question marks out of all of them. The level of competition does concern me but that's about it.