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2014 NFL Draft Recap: Picks 6 through 10

Here's a quick recap of picks 6 through 10.

Scott Halleran

Here's a quick recap of picks 6 through 10 in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

1 6 Atlanta Falcons Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M
1 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans WR Texas A&M
1 8 Cleveland Browns Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma State
1 9 Minnesota Vikings Anthony Barr OLB UCLA
1 10 Detroit Lions Eric Ebron TE North Carolina

My general thoughts:

Falcons - Total home run here for the Falcons. As I've mentioned before, when I evaluate prospects I look to see who has the highest floor, not the highest ceiling. Matthews is the most NFL ready tackle to come out in the past several drafts. He's my top tackle. I expect him to start right away in protecting Matt Ryan's blind side and have Sam Baker move to his more natural right tackle position.

Bucs - There was a lot of talk of the Bucs taking Manziel. He wouldn't have fit in Lovie Smith's scheme. Evans is a huge receiver who can open up things for the for the rest of the offense. In my opinion, Evans made Manziel a better quarterback, not the other way around. Evans will need some refinement but he has the physical talent and athletic ability to be special.

Browns - I honestly thought this trade was to move up for Johnny Football. Boy, was I wrong. Gilbert is a great corner but the pick is a little puzzling as it seems like a pretty big reach. Cleveland did need a second corner but their is plenty of depth at the corner position in this draft. I also don't see Gilbert is a "lock down" corner. I actually think drafting a quarterback here would have made more sense.

Trade Details: Vikings receive pick 9 and 145

Vikings - I figured if Minnesota was going to go with a linebacker it'd be Mosley. Barr fell late on most boards because he was a bit inconsistent at UCLA. He also didn't seem to have the same intensity that you saw in players like Khalil Mack. Barr however would fit very well in Mike Zimmer's defense.

Lions - Seems like a bit of a reach to me. Ebron is the best receiving tight end in this draft. He actually is a pretty good fit for Jim Caldwell's offensive system. He'll take over for the Dallas Clark, Dennis Pitta role. Also, he won't allow safeties to fade as much to Calvin Johnson's side with him running down the seam. The pick makes sense overall.