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2014 NFL Draft Recap: Round 2

Here's a quick recap and reaction to picks 33 through 64.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a quick recap of picks 33 through 64 in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

RD Pick Team Player Pos. School
2 33 Houston Texans Xavier Su'a-Filo OG UCLA
2 34 Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Lawrence OLB Boise State
2 35 Cleveland Browns Joel Bitonio OL Nevada
2 36 Oakland Raiders Derek Carr QB Fresno State
2 37 Atlanta Falcons Ra'shede Hageman DT Minnesota
2 38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Austin Sefarian-Jenkins TE Washington
2 39 Jacksonville Jaguars Marqise Lee WR USC
2 40 Detroit Lions Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU
2 41 St. Louis Rams Lamarcus Joyner S Florida State
2 42 Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt
2 43 New York Giants Weston Richburg OC Colorado State
2 44 Buffalo Bills Cyrus Kouandjio OT Alabama
2 45 Seattle Seahawks Paul Richardson WR Colorado
2 46 Pittsburgh Steelers Stephon Tuitt DE Notre Dame
2 47 Washington Trent Murphy OLB Stanford
2 48 Baltimore Ravens Timmy Jernigan DT Florida State
2 49 New York Jets Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech
2 50 San Diego Chargers Jeremiah Attaochu OLB Georgia Tech
2 51 Chicago Bears Ego Ferguson DT LSU
2 52 Arizona Cardinals Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame
2 53 Green Bay Packers Davante Adams WR Fresno State
2 54 Tennessee Titans Bishop Sankey RB Washington
2 55 Cincinnati Bengals Jeremy Hill RB LSU
2 56 Denver Broncos Cody Latimer WR Indiana
2 57 San Francisco 49ers Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State
2 58 New Orleans Saints Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska
2 59 Indianapolis Colts Jack Mewhort OL Ohio State
2 60 Carolina Panthers Kony Ealy DE Mizzou
2 61 Jacksonville Jaguars Allen Robinson WR Penn State
2 62 New England Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois
2 63 Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry WR LSU
2 64 Seattle Seahawks Justin Britt OT Mizzou

Here's my general thoughts:

Texans: I both love and hate this pick. Su'a-Filo is a great, great guard and will open up holes for the Texans for years. I am glad the Texans didn't go with Louis Nix here as pairing him with Clowney and Watt would have been a nightmare for the Colts offensive line.

Cowboys: When I saw this trade come across, I figured it was for a pass rusher. However, I thought they'd go for Ealy for sure here. Lawrence is a great edge rusher though and a guy I thought could have been available for the Colts later in the round.

Browns: I absolutely hated this pick. Don't get me wrong, I love Bitonio but with the obvious need at wide receiver and having great wide receivers available, this pick doesn't make sense to me. Bitonio is a versatile lineman though and will likely start immediately.

Raiders: This is a great pick! The Raiders finally get a quarterback. Carr is one of the best natural passers in this draft. He does have some issues with pressure and short arms a lot of throws because of it. However, this is a great pick for the Raiders.

Falcons: This is a bit of a puzzling pick to me. Not the position but the player. It makes far more sense for them to have taken Louis Nix here since they are switching to a 3-4 and need another nose tackle. Hageman is a huge gamble here because he has some motor issues. If he gets things straightened out, Hageman could be a beast though.

Bucs: ASJ is a fantastic pass catching tight end. Needless to say, they won't have a problem finding a target in theh red zone with three pass catchers over 6'4" tall. I would have gone with Jace Amaro here as he's still a great receiver but also does the little things well too.

Jaguars: This could be the steal of the draft! Lee is a first round talent and fell due to a poor season last year. While I didn't like the Bortles pick, this makes up for it. There are some concerns with Lee regarding his knees. Also, with Justin Blackmon likely not available for the year, this is a value and need selectiono.

Lions: This is a solid pick by the Lions. Van Noy will offer a great pass rush presence and is a hard worker. They needed a pass rusher and got arguably the best one left.

Rams: This is a huge reach in my mind. Joyner is a smaller safety who does make plays all over the field but his small stature makes me wonder if he can hold up through an entire NFL season. This does fill a need for the Rams and if he can stay healthy, will be a solid pick.

Eagles: I cannot tell you how much I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE this pick for the Eagles. Matthews was my favorite player in this draft. He'll be a great addition to the Eagles wide receiving corps and will make the rest of the division shore up their secondary even more.

Giants: I'm actually a big fan of this selection. Richburg was my top rated center and will be a beast in the NFL. Eli Manning is running out of excuses if he doesn't perform with Beckham, Jr. to throw to and now Richburg to protect him up the middle.

Bills: I'm torn on this pick. I really don't like the player here as I think Moses or Turner would have been better options at OT. If Kouandjio can stay healthy and his knees can stay stable, this could be a great pick though. My only concerns are his health and conditioning.

Seahawks: I'm not surprised Seattle went with a wide receiver here. I am incredibly surprised they went with Richardson. There are much better, bigger, and more consistent wide receivers available at this pick. They could have easily gotten Richardson later in this round.

Steelers: This is an absolute steal of a pick. In a lot of my early mocks, I had Tuitt going to the Steelers in the first round.I absolutely love this fit too as Tuitt is a very, very versatile lineman.

Washington: Wow. This is a pretty big reach in my mind with all the needs Washington has on their roster. Murphy was a highly productive player at Stanford and has a great motor. He goes all out, all the time. He does have some physical limitations though and I wonder if this was too much of a reach.

Ravens: Normally I like what the Ravens do. I don't like this move as much. I think Nix would have been a much better option for the Ravens. Jernigan is more of a penetrating 4-3 defensive tackle in my mind and doesn't possess the power or skill set to move to the 5-technique.

Jets: I really like this pick for the Jets. He'll be a great safety net for Geno Smith. He's a great pass catcher and is intelligent in finding spaces in zones. He's also willing to block when necessary. Great pick by the Jets.

Chargers: I'm actually a huge fan of this pick for the Chargers. The guy plays all out and can get all over the field. He's got great initial quickness and in John Pagano's system, he'll be a great pass rushers. I'm a bit surprised that they didn't go nose tackle here.

Bears: This pick definitely fills a need for the Bears but this is a huge reach in my opinion. Louis Nix would have been a much better player on the defensive line. They must see something in Ferguson that I just don't. I really think this was a bad pick for the Bears.

Cardinals: I really like this pick for the Cardinals. Niklas is a great weapon for the Cardinals and fits very well in Bruce Arians offense. He will help the development of whichever quarterback they take later in the draft.

Packers: This is a solid pick by the Packers. They lost James Jones and Adams can fill in immediately for him. Adams put up crazy numbers at Fresno State and can catch anything. I'm sure Aaron Rodgers is very happy right now.

Titans: I get this pick but I don't really like it. running back was clearly a need but I feel like Carlos Hyde would have been a better fit for the Titans but this is still a solid selection for the Titans. Sankey has the talent to make people miss and may give the Colts fits for years to come.

Bengals: I don't understand this pick for the Bungles. Running back was not a huge concern for their roster with Gio Bernard already in the fold. I'm a bit surprised they didn't go defense or wide receiver here.

Broncos: I'm a bit surprised by this pick. I actually think it's a bad pick the more I look at it. Latimer is a great receiver but where/when will he ever play? They just signed Emmanuel Sanders in the free agency and already have Demaryus Thomas and Wes Welker, as well as Julius Thomas. There aren't enough balls for this to make sense.

49ers: I really like this pick for the 49ers. Hyde is a powerful runner and with Frank Gore getting older, he can step in and play immediately. He's an all around back who produces and goes hard o every play.

Saints: While I'm not a huge fan of Jean-Baptiste as a player, this is a great pick by New Orleans. He's a big corner but isn't as physical as he should be at the line. He may be a solid pick in the end though if he can learn from Champ Bailey.

Colts: This is the most disappointed I have ever been with a Colts draft pick that I can remember. Jack Mewhort?Jack freaking Mewhort?!? This pick absolutely blows my mind. There were three first round talent guys available in Louis Nix III, Allen Robinson, and Kony Ealy. If they took any of those, it would have been better. If they had taken Gabe Jackson or Marcus Martin, I could've at least understood that but Jack Mewhort? He is a versatile lineman with a fiery persona but got absolutely dominated by Khalil Mack, the only guy he had to worry about, when Ohio State played Buffalo. I literally put my head in my hands and then stared catatonically at the television not believing this happened. I hope he works out but I am quickly losing faith in Ryan Grigson's ability to be an effective General Manager. If he misses another draft, like he did last year, he should be on a very, very hot seat. You cannot make the same mistake multiple years in a row by reaching for marginal offensive line talent in the early rounds. I'm not happy about this pick, not one bit.

Now that I've had a few more minutes to digest this, I'm still very upset but I get it. The important thing is protecting Andrew Luck. Mewhort can do that and will likely slide inside. This also tips me off that Donald Thomas may not be ready for training camp. I hope Mewhort ends up being a great, consistent player for the Colts for many years to come but I'm still a little disappointed they passed on several other quality players. This is actually about the range I had Mewhort going, as my 73 rated player, so I'm less upset now. But still a little peeved

Panthers: Ealy should have been a first round pick. He's got a ton of talent but did not perform well at the Combine or in his pro day. I thought he'd go in the 20's so I really like this pick for the Panthers in continuing to strengthen their offensive line.

Jags: The Jags completely whiffed by taking Bortles but have hit back to back home runs with Lee and now Robinson. He's an absolute beast at the point of the catch and fights for every ball. The Colts better get another pass rusher or strengthen their secondary as soon as possible.

Patriots: I think this is a bit of a reach but not a terrible pick for New England. Garoppolo is a quality developmental quarterback who has time to learn behind Tom Brady. If he develops, then this could be a great pick by Bill Belichick.

Dolphins: Landry is one of the best pass catchers in this draft. I love this pick for Miami. Mike Wallace is so inconsistent and can be a bit lazy. Landry is an incredibly hard worker.. I really like this pick.

Seahawks: I don't get this pick. Britt is a very intriguing prospect but this is a significant reach for me. Seahawks absolutely needed offensive line help. I think they would have been better going with Morgan Moses.