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Colts bring back NT Brandon McKinney for a tryout at minicamp

McKinney is looking for another chance.

Rob Carr

Minicamp has begun for the 2014 Indianapolis Colts, and one person participating this year is an old face looking for a new start:

McKinney is a 6'2, 345 lbs nose tackle that was signed as a free agent by the Colts during the 2012 offseason. McKinney had worked with Chuck Pagano in Baltimore, and he was expected to be the starting nose tackle in the team's 3-4. However, in August of 2012, McKinney tore his ACL in his left knee. As often happens with big players who sustain ACL injuries, it took McKinney roughly two years to recover. Last year this time, McKinney still was not healthy enough to participate in team practices. He was placed on IR in August 2013, and then later released with an injury settlement.

McKinney is now 1.5 years removed from his left knee ACL injury. If he's healthy, McKinney can help at a key position that, unfortunately, doesn't have much depth. Josh Chapman is the only other nose tackle listed on the roster. Like McKinney, Chapman has struggled to regain his health after tearing his ACL two years ago.

If both are healthy, then the Colts have some solid depth at NT.

The other player looking to land a spot on the Colts is linebacker Jonathon Sharpe, a 5'11, 217 lbs backer out of small North Greenfield.