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Pagano: Reggie Wayne "Chomping at the Bit" to get Back on Field

Chuck Pagano said that wide receiver Reggie Wayne, recovering from a torn ACL, is "chomping at the bit" to get back on the field and that the hardest part is actually keeping him off of it. Plus, some updates on some of the other injured guys.

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The Colts wrap up their third and final day of mandatory minicamp today, and perhaps the theme of the camp has been injuries.  Whether it's injuries to Vontae Davis, Delano Howell, and LaRon Landry or injured guys like Reggie Wayne, Donald Thomas, and Vick Ballard continuing to rehab, the focus has been on the health of the team.

In the case of Reggie Wayne, while he isn't practicing this week, Chuck Pagano said on the first day of camp that the hardest thing is keeping him off the field.

"He was ready to run in there right at the end of that team drill. He looks great. Again, we're going to have to have plenty of security around him so he doesn't sneak out in pads come training camp time and try to get in there too soon. We all know what Reggie's made of and how he's wired and what his DNA is, and so he's chomping at the bit obviously to get back out there."

Asked if he expects Reggie to be back for training camp, Pagano answered:

"I'd be shocked, I'd be shocked if he wouldn't be."

General manager Ryan Grigson was asked yesterday about the injured guys progressing, and here's what he said about Reggie:

"From every bit of information that I compile, and I'm obviously not a doctor, but all the information I've gotten, they should all be ready for camp. Reggie, I feel, looks fantastic. It's a little bit mind boggling but it doesn't surprise me considering the person but he looks fantastic."

It also sounds like yesterday Reggie was getting some work in, though still not practicing:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>No video allowed at this point in practice, but WR Reggie Wayne is running briskly on the side. <a href=";src=hash">#Colts</a></p>&mdash; George Bremer (@gmbremer) <a href="">June 18, 2014</a></blockquote>

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All indications point to him being ready for training camp, and that's good news for the Colts.

Update on Other Injured Guys:

On Donald Thomas and Vick Ballard, Pagano said on the first day of minicamp:

"Yeah, I mean they're all trending in the right direction and we're anticipating having most of those guys. There may be one or two out of that group that might have to start on PUP, but our guys, Dave Hammer and the crew and our doctors are optimistic that none of those guys will have to."

Ryan Grigson also talked about the other injured guys like Donald Thomas and he said:

"The other guys, they're coming back from some serious injuries and in this league, you have to still be able to play at a high level, regardless of whether you're coming off an injury or not once you get cleared. It's all about producing. But Donald looks great physically. His lower body lifts are significantly better than they were a year ago. I thought he had to really improve his lower body strength, but he's so strong up top. He just relies on that probably too much. In the style of offense we run and the things we're going to ask him to do, he's got to really have that lower chassis strong and powerful and working and obviously fully healed because it's a significant injury that he had."

Furthermore, Grigson said that LaRon Landry has a "lower body" injury, though he "undoubtedly" expects Landry, Davis, and Howell to be back for training camp next month.  Pagano said on the first day of minicamp that Davis was out with a groin injury and that Howell was out with "stuff" - a "soft tissue" injury, he added when pressed for more info.