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Here's a quick list of Colts I root for, and why

Yeah, I root for the team, but I also root for individual people. Even people I relentlessly criticize.

Joe Robbins

Brandon McKinney... because I like seeing players come back from injury. It sucks to see someone who was clearly a good player get his career taken away by an ACL injury. That's what we all thought about McKinney last year when he was not 100% after returning from a knee injury he'd sustained during preseason in 2012. Now, McKinney is back and looking at a second chance at an NFL career.

Delano Howell... because while LaRon Landry is getting paid a gaggle of greenbacks to play about as well as Tom Zbikowski did, Howell is an undrafted guy who outplayed both Landry and Antoine Bethea last season. My hope is that, this year, he secures the starting safety job and blossoms into a sturdy talent.

Khaled Holmes... because he's smart, funny, and seems genuine.

T.Y. Hilton... because anyone who can shut-up Richard Sherman DEMANDS my cheers!

Trent Richardson... because he works hard, plays hurt, and embodies all the things I like about a running back. He's taken a lot of sh*t since being drafted at the ripe old age of 20, and he's handled it about as professionally as anyone I've ever witnessed. I would love to see this kid rip off 1,200 yards and 10 scores in 2014.

Andrew Luck... because, in 2014, he's going to make the 2013 version of Peyton Manning look like the 2013 version of Eli Manning.

Chuck Pagano... because, even though he's kind of a dumb coach who makes dumb decisions at important points in games, Pagano seems like a cool dude. I mean, look at the attached photo to this article. How can you not love that face! Please Chuck. Pretty please, don't suck in 2014 as you did in 2013.

Ryan Grigson... because no matter how many free agent signings he f*cks up or how many drafts he bombs, at least he isn't Chris Polian.