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2014 Colts Draft Pick: Andrew Jackson - ILB - Western Kentucky

A quick scouting report on one of the newest Colts, ILB Andrew Jackson.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Jackson - ILB - Western Kentucky

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 254 lbs.
Arm Length: 32 1/2"
Hand Size: 9 1/2"


Jackson is thickly built with powerful legs. Jackson is a strong tackler who is excellent at wrapping up and planting his shoulder into ball carriers. He is at his best attacking the line of scrimmage and quickly locates the ball in the running game. Jackson has solid lateral agility. He is an experienced 3-year starter at Western Kentucky.


Jackson is very limited in where and when he can play. He does not possess the overall athleticism to drop into coverage and was just bad in man coverage in general. He's not very good at picking up on routes in zone coverage either. While Jackson is a strong tackler, he is a bit inconsistent due to his desire to make the "highlight' hit. He does not have the speed to get to edge to contain outside runs and can take poor pursuit angles. His production also declined his senior season when Western Kentucky played stiffer competition. Jackson doesn't project well as a special teams player either.


Jackson is the ideal two down, 3-4 ILB. He's a terror attacking the line of scrimmage and will be an excellent addition as a two down. His work ethic is a question mark after seeming to sit on his laurels after a strong junior season. Jackson reminds me of Brandon Spikes, a limited 3-4 ILB who is at his best attacking the run between the tackles.