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People really don't think well of Colts RB Trent Richardson

Please Trent. Run for 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns this year. I'd really, really like that.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, you might have noticed a little story involving the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, their now former-head coach Jason Kidd, and the Milwaukee Bucks. It's a story that, for me, summed up the utter and complete buffoonery that is the National Basketball Association.

Yes, I'm an NBA hater, especially when a known dirt bag like Jason Kidd - who was also a terrible coach last season in Brooklyn - can actually work the league to get even more money and power. Like Hollywood, in the NBA people fail up.

I don't think there is an NFL equivalent to Kidd and the Nets. While it's laughable to say the NFL is a meritocracy, it is much closer to one than the NBA is. Head coaching gigs aren't just awarded to someone because they're a name, as the Nets coaching gig was given to Kidd last year. The man had no coaching experience prior to landing one of the more coveted coaching jobs in all of basketball.

Even someone like Jim Harbaugh, who had a very successful career as a college and NFL player, and who comes from a well-known coaching family, had to cut his teeth at the University of San Diego and as an NFL assistant before getting offered jobs at Stanford and with the 49ers later in his career.

Thus, when the Kidd story broke, I tweeted this:

In response to my tweet, the often-comical and always-engaging Ryan Nanni, who writes for SB Nation, responded with this:

Now, for me - and I think for most of us chuckleheads who follow the Colts - comparing a trade for Trent Richardson (who was a consensus top five pick in 2012) to Jason Kidd looking to score more money and power after just one season coaching a dysfunctional Nets team is a bit off.

However, others saw it as a credible comparison.

For me, that tells me something:

  • First, it tells me that some people are silly, because the comparison makes no sense
  • Two, people REALLY think that Trent Richardson is a mega bust

Basically, everyone who isn't a Colts fan - or who doesn't act as a P.R. rep for the team, officially or unofficially - thinks Trent Richardson is a chump. A bum. A laughable, buffoonish example of the stupidity of the NFL.

That's pretty harsh.

Obviously, I don't agree, and, unlike Jason Kidd, Trent Richardson isn't a scum-sucking d*ckbag who throws teammates, coaches, and franchises under a bus in a naked attempt to get what he wants. From all accounts, Trent is a good, hard-working dude. For suckers like me, it means I gotta root for him.

So, please Trent, I'd really like it if you ran for 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns this year so that I can rub it in the Ryan's face while laughing with maniacal glee. Oh, and if Kidd screws up the Milwaukee Bucks, I'd be happy with that too.